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  1. You can always create the simplest dial plan to get calls to go. Change the pref number to 150, add * in Pattern and * in Replacement and save.
  2. Just wondering. Is there a new beta version beyond Version available to try? I am sure several of us would be interested to try some of the promising features that were mentioned earlier.
  3. The extensions are all on the default time zone. There is no discrepancy there. On last Friday night's reports they showed all of the data and then starting again last night they (the individual extensions did not start till 1300 and the domain report still showed all calls from 0800 on.
  4. As far as backing up I did see the warnings but they also said there would be a license available on www.snomone.com. I can rollback but will wait to see what the license resolution is.
  5. House System--is our office system... It would be good to know the conversion as soon as possible. We have a number of clients with a Blue license as well that purchased it since it was unlimited. I would hope you have a way to grandfather those customers. It is going to be hard to explain that they now have to pay for the features. Remember your marketing was one system all the features. It is pretty harsh to backtrack on that statement for customers who paid for the Blue or Yellow license. Maybe you let them have all the features except the new added features (ie: Lync integration/Fax to email).
  6. Ok, I was being an early adopter and tried to take my house system (snomONE Plus , Blue) to R5. I tried to install the try me license but now I am dead in the dirt. Any ideas on how to get up and running?
  7. It is not a midnight issue. I was going to attach a document where I cut and pasted the reports for the domain and for ext 214. The domain report shows extension 214 made several calls prior to the calls listed on his personal extension cdr. Why does his and other extensions cdr report not report all of the calls they made? The domain report shows all of them. I can't upload the file it is too big
  8. All of my nightly extension reports start after 12 noon local time now since upgrading to The domain nightly report shows the activity for the entire day from midnight to midnight. It shows all the calls made by the extensions before 12 noon. Is there a bug in that is causing this? Is there a setting I toggled by mistake in the global configuration file with respect to the individual extension reports? Any help would be appreciated the client was relying in those extension reports. Thank you, Venom
  9. Thank you, I will give it a try.
  10. I am trying to get my phones to dial out without the checkmark for 3 digit extensions which works fine and 9 + 10 digits for local and 91 + 10 digits for LD I only have one SIP trunk carrier and just want to try and simplify dialing for them. I modified the usa3 plan below which works for 9+10 !^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d I tried to add another pattern in front of the previous like this to match 91 first then 9 but it doesn't seem to try and pattern match it still errors out and does not dial my last digit !^(91[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d!^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d I tried changing the 10 to an 11 as below !^(91[0-9]{11})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d!^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d Same issue. I am just learning dial plans and any pointers would be appreciated. My calls will work with the first dial plan above since my SIP trunk provider does not require the 1 but I am just trying to keep a customer happy who thinks their emloyees won't think to dial long distance without the 1. Thank you, Venom
  11. Ok, I found the issue. It was in this post under a different thread. http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/6056-snom-uc-client/ You must load the m9 softphone and the C++ components first. 2 of the 4 computers I tried had the softphone. The other 2 did not. That is why it worked on some and not others.
  12. Has anyone had great success with the new attendant console. I have had issues installing on Windows 7 and having it work. SNOM are there new beta versions to try or is something coming out soon with R5?
  13. Steve/Curtis, Thank you for your replies. I have tried the .net install and uninstalling and reinstalling. The installer program never presents the license questions to me. I get the same result on multiple pc's even though I have installed .net before the attendant install. Did you get the install program from the link on the wiki or from another place? I notice the pictures in the wiki indicate dropbox. Thanks again, Bob
  14. Hello support, I see on the snomONE wiki that the attendant console software is available and the screenshots look great. When I load the software it installs but does not run. I assume it is because it skips over the licensing questions you show in the Installation instructions. When will we be able to get a license to run the console? Or am I missing something? Thank you, Venom
  15. If you go to Admin/ Settings page you can go down to the CDR and Recordings heading and add the following string to your CDR URL field. file:$c/$m/$d.csv This will get you an editable excel CSV for each day. The CSV file is created with all the calls for each day with this string. Each call shows the in and out leg since SNOM is BBUA. The file is located in the CDR folder in the SNOMONE directory. I suppose you could use CRON to send the file daily. Maybe this will do what you are looking for.
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