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  1. We did upgrade the firmware on the Snom and Polycom's, it does happen on the M9's but also on the 360's 370's and Bria Softphones. There is probably never more than 5 to 10 active calls at one time, I am pretty sure from troubleshooting it is not resources, I am not sure how to check to see if it is running out of RTP ports to be honest. This is the Windows 64 bit PBX Build. Thank you!
  2. Sorry for the delay I was out of the office. This happens usually when the user is well into the call, however, there is not a specific time on each call that it happens. There may be multiple phones ringing, I am not sure. We are on Windows 2003 64 bit OS. This is happening more often, today it happened to one user 5x! Thank you!
  3. I have multiple users who while in the middle of a call the line will go dead and the user will be dumped into their voicemail. Most of the users are using Snom 360's, one is using an M3 (might be an M9 not sure) and a few are using softphones. We are currently on, we have recorded the calls and have not noticed anything strange just the call end. Most of the users who are experiencing this issue are in an ACD Queue, but not all, I think they just notice it more because they are constantly on the phones. HELP any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  4. We currently use an M3 would like to move to a VOIP WIFI phone, any suggestions as to which is the best, and any best practices or tips? Thanks in advance!
  5. We have a M3 but would like to move to a voip wifi phone any suggestions as to which is the best working with the pbxnsip\snom one switch we are currently on 4.3x I believe. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.
  6. We have had our pbxnsip pbx for about 3 years now, it was setup with one nic on a public ip and the other internal ip. We would like to move the public IP into our DMZ. My question is, can you use natting? And what ports need to be open for this? Is there a white paper out there anywhere? We also use the Checkpoint VPN, I have to think about how that will effect moving the pbx inside the firewall any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any documentation or suggestions as to where to start!
  7. Sorry hate to sound like an idiot, but I will :-) I can't find the setting to change the format. Do I go into the Domain first? I found an email settings section but nothing in there on the formatting. Thanks!
  8. We just upgraded to after the upgrade the reports were fine, but the new formatting is a pain to read with all the dark lines and huge black portions in the formatting. Is there any way to change the formatting.. I know this is not a big deal and sounds silly, but I am getting complaints upon complaints upon complaints.. Thanks in Advance
  9. Figured it out.. Found the IVR tab on the AA!
  10. I am trying to setup an ext to give only information to the user (currently using v 3.x). I do not want them to leave a vm, so I can't setup an ext and disable the vm. I tried an IVR but it will not timeout just plays over and over and over. (could use this if I can say hit zero and go back to the main menu or hang up) Auto Attendant asks the user to enter an option. I would use the AA and just timeout to the main menu but it still asks to enter your choice. Thanks in advance for any information.
  11. Upgraded firmware fixed the problem.
  12. I have one Polycom Soundstation 550, the rest are snom phones. This one phone is great but there is one issue with it. When the user is on a call and a 2nd call comes in (call waiting) neither the caller or the user can hear anything until the call that is coming in goes to vm then the two are re-connected. Please let me know if there is a setting that can resolve this. It is not a big deal but very irritating.] Thank you
  13. We have a userwho needs to hot desk.. I was testing the feature, and it works for incoming calls, however, outgoing calls are coming from a strange ext. 712 According to the documentation (BTW I liked the wiki way way better! than the new online documentation just complaining) the calls should come from the identity of the person who is setup to hot desk. When she calls from the phone she is hot desking at the phone receiving the call does not show her identity rather 712. 712 is a holiday auto attendant?? Very odd! Thanks! https://www.pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m...ratingconfirm=1
  14. Both! For instance I am able to monitor Agent Group 750 and 751, this has been set forever. When I go into AG 750 and 751, my ext 208 is not setup to be the Queue Manager so if I wanted to take this ability away from my ext then I can't. Also when I put new ext's in as the Queue Manager and then login as them go to status it does not give them the ability to monitor those Agent Groups. So yes both. Thanks!!
  15. There is an option to add a user as a queue manager, before we upgraded to I think it was called something else like Moniter this queue. Anyone who had this access previously can monitor the queue. However, I am not able to dis-allow users who had this ability, and I am not able to allow others to monitor the queue (or change who monitors). This is starting to become a problem since we have more users working from home and need to know what is going on. Thanks!!
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