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  1. From what I experienced, with an customized email_header.htm at admin level, the domain level one isn't used. Tried many changes and only ones in the admin level template are used. BUT email_header.htm is somewhat specific as it's never called directly but included from other templates. Could it be the cause ?
  2. Forgot to precise : our PBX version is 5.2.6 (pretty old)
  3. Hello, For one our customers, I'm trying to set up a specific logo in email_header.htm template. So I modified the template for his domain but it doesn't seems to be used. That's always the server one that's served. Is it a bug ? I tried to get around this bug and tried to get the domain name and build the logo URL in the main email_header.htm. Seems to work well but I have to add the domain varh to every template in the domain. Is there a way to make some kind of 'if' a variable is set and swtich between custom URL (of var is set) and default one (if var isn't set ?). Or better : get the domain name directly in the main template ? Hoping my question is clear. Best regards, Julien
  4. Thanks for your quick answer. We're using french locales (and french specific licence package). Best regards, Julien Escario
  5. Hello, We have a small problem with voicemail's enveloppe annoucement : the timestamp is always in 12h style (am/pm) and we do not need the calling number. Can this be customized in a xml file ? Best regards, Julien Escario
  6. Hello, Sorry my late answer. Thanks for you clarification. The SCPP ask for a proof this MOH is rights-free (as in free speach ;-). Do you have such a document ? Best regards, Julien
  7. Bonjour, Un client m'informe que la SCPP l'a contacté pour lui réclamer les droits liés à l'utilisation de sa musique d'attente. Il doit donner le nombre de lignes, etc ... et sera taxé d'office si il ne réponds pas. La seule musique d'attente qu'il utilise est celle intégrée au snomone. Comment on s'en sort dans ce type de cas ? Il faudrait un papier de Vodia disant qu'ils libèrent les droits sur la musique. Pour élargir la question, j'ai trouvé un certain nombre de musiques libres de droits sur le net. J'aimerais en intégrer certaines à mon ipbx mais la même blague risque de se reproduire non ? Je n'ai pas trop la logique de taxation d'office par un organisme comme ça. Encore l'état, on est habitués mais un syndicat, ca fait un peu ch*** comme hatitude. Merci, Julien
  8. Great ! I just tried a few minutes ago and that's exactly the way to do it. And best : I can also use the 'normal' behavior of hunt groups and have more accounts registered dynamically in the group ! Thanks ! Julien Escario
  9. Hello, To make short : is there a way to advertise (different ringtone would be fine) which DID is called is case of multiple DID on one extension ? We have a secretary that must say different greetings depending on the company called ... Thanks, Julien Escario
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