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  1. I think the best to open a ticket and attach the code that you are using there right now. We have done other projects and maybe we can fix the code there easily and get this working.
  2. If you want to perform a third party login, there is a special API for that that will also set the necessary headers for the cross origin problem (CORS). This works different from the login for the browser. There is an article on https://doc.vodia.com/third_party on this topic. There is also an example at the bottom of https://doc.vodia.com/click2dial where you can see how the soft phone gets the credentials for a user.
  3. The 5 bytes returned are probably "false". Which means that the request to establish a session failed... If you want to use curl there is an easier way to authenticate the request, just use the -u admin:password option for curl (e.g. curl -u username:password GET -D - Then there is no need to set up a session.
  4. Well the login seems to work... I cannot see any REST API calls apart from those coming from the browser. Are you using curl?
  5. Maybe you can post the log with log level 9 for the web server to get a clue what is going on.
  6. Make sure that your default SPAM score for anonymous calls is lower than the rejection threshold. There were some version where those numbers were the same (50), and anonymous calls were rejected by default. These settings are on /reg_recording.htm at the bottom.
  7. ... and of course you could have been blacklisted though this should clear up after some time.
  8. If you have turned on filtering for domain names, you must make sure that the hostname in the HTTP request matches either a domain name or the system management address in 66. Apart from that, I would not know what else could have changed.
  9. That requires some more changes. If you like try the 66.0.1 build which should have that included now (assuming the GXV3350 also has 160 buttons). After the upgrade, better reset the file that you modified as it includes the fix already.
  10. Ok that makes sense. We'll make that happen in the next build/release (66.0.1/66.0.2).
  11. We did dix a bug where the PBX would ring an extension although there were no registrations. Maybe it is related to this problem. What is supposed to happen if you have anything registered to the FAX extension? Do you want to receive incoming FAX through the PBX and send out from an ATA?
  12. Wenn der Ländercode der Domäne eingestellt ist, versucht die PBX die Nummern für den Benutzer "lesbar" (oder lesbarer) darzustellen. Die Nummern selbst enthalten aber keine Trennzeichen (z.B. "0041-12345" <sip:+4112345@domain>). Bei einigen Telefonen kann man einstellen ob die Nummer selbst oder der Name dargestellt werden soll. Das wäre eine Möglichkeit dies zu ändern. Die andere Möglichkeit wäre den Ländercode zu löschen. Dann ändert die PBX die Nummern nicht. Es fallen dann aber auch viele andere Funktionen weg, z.B. die Interpretation von Nummern vom SIP Trunk Anbieter.
  13. I would assume the template grandstream-gxv3275.xml. If you modify the pnp_grandstream.xml like this it should pick it up: <file name="grandstream-gxv3275.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GXV3[23][578]</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file>
  14. Ok lets get a PCAP to get to the bottom of this. Maybe just attach it to a ticket.
  15. You can double check with the browser if you see the "green light" (or lock) when you visit the PBX URL. If its green, its a sign that at least the browser understands the certificate. AFAIK the VVX 250 are different code than the original VVX devices, so it could be that their certificate management is different. IMHO the later models must include the X3 root CA that LE uses. If not, does importing it on the phone solve the problem?
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