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  1. Well the PBX checks at midnight if any of the certificates need to be renewed. If you can wait until morning it should heal itself.
  2. You can use service flags to control which WAV is being played. Maybe that helps?
  3. You could use the code *80 for that. However that might not be the right thing because it set the redirect all to the specified value. It is usually used for "snow days" when there is nobody in the office. The other idea would be to program the IVR node. There is a action "set" that can set any parameter "night", e.g. action:set?name=night&value={input}&account=70 (see https://doc.vodia.com/ivrnodes) - however the account parameter was not available until version 64.1 (available for CentOS64 and Debian64 as of now).
  4. Oh ok - yes # is kind of special. The problem with the auto attendant is that the choices in the auto attendant (press 1 for sales) may overlap with extension numbers (101). In that case the # means that the auto attendant would not wait for a timeout.
  5. Ehh ja that makes sense we fixed that please update one more time to 64.1...
  6. That is indeed weird. We are also on the latest 64.1 but we don't have that problem. I would look at the "inspector" (JavaScript debugger) if there is any warning. Maybe Umläute that somehow screws things up (though this should of course not happen). You should see requests that go to the PBX trying to fetch the user settings, and they should contain valid JSON responses.
  7. 64.1 is just a development build - please be careful with it. What could have happened is that the webpages are not 100 % in sync with that version. We actually made another 64.1 Win64 build today (Feb 11). Also if you have changes to the page it could cause problems like these.
  8. Well that is a pretty old version - of course we would recommend to use the latest release. If you do have to install the version, I would install the latest and then just downgrade using wget and replacing the pbxctrl files with the downloaded ones. You might have to edit the /etc/init.d/pbx file and remove the command line argument --respawn because 5.3.2 did not have that option yet.
  9. I would make sure that DTMF works - e.g. call the mailbox and see if it does anything. If it does the next question would be - where does it happen?
  10. Agreed. We are trying to leverage the API that Google and also others are providing for telling us who exactly logged in. For example when you are on Android you are already logged in through your Android account - why not just use that. That is a lot easier than implementing authentication fully internally.
  11. Its a complex topic - one the one hand some customers want the latest and most productive features and we want to deliver them quickly. On the other hand many customers mostly want a 24/7 service with no surprises. We don't require customers to update. That's in many cases best for everyone, even if there are known bugs customers can work around them. Some actually love to be on the latest and greatest. We try to set the expectations right that those versions are daily builds. This helps us a lot getting those versions tested much faster than this would be possible with automated tests. For example the topic with the agent login/logout was and still is tricky because we made some major changes underneath that we need for getting reporting up to speed. We have made more changes that brings the old login/logout experience back, however it is not in a release yet. It is in 64.1 but that is a daily build. We do entertain a few branches that someone became "LTS" versions - 57.3 is the only that is probably the most popular. With the newer versions we usually try to port the "good" bug fixes back into the branch. We did this e.g. with 64.0.1/2/3/4, 63.0.1/2/3/4/5 although I would not really call this LTS. I am not sure what branch would be a candidate for LTS like the 57.3 branch, especially because of all the new features coming up for the apps. Maybe 63.0 could be a candidate.
  12. We added a new DLL to the build in 64. Windows might not like it. The workaround is to stop the service, start CMD as administrator, go into the PBX working directory (cd ...) and then start the PBX manually (e.g. .\pbxctrl.exe --no-daemon). Then there might be a pop-up where you need to approve the DLL. After that you should be able to start the service from the service manager.
  13. In version 64 agents can be logged in or logged out. This was a change to the previous versions where the ACD kept that information - now the information is in the extension. We have refined that already in the next build so that agents can also be logged in and out of specific ACD again, still storing the information in the extension and not in the ACD.
  14. You can only charge for inbound or outbound. If you want to charge for both, just make two lines - one with "i" and another one with "o"
  15. Vodia PBX

    User password

    We will solve the problem by adding two settings for including the password and including the QR code. Then the system administrator can make the decision wether to include it or not.
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