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  1. We simply don't have DNS-based whitelisting yet. Also not in the daily builds.
  2. Does the bot speak SIP? In that case it might just be a matter of using the SIP protocol to redirect the call to the right destination.
  3. When you import certificates make sure they are base64-encoded https://doc.vodia.com/admin_certs also note that the PBX can generate certificates using letsencrypt.
  4. For class rooms you can link the DND to the class hours.
  5. AFAIK this is currently under review and should be approved shortly.
  6. There was a bug in some older versions in that area - what version are we talking about here? The caller-ID is indeed a nuisance, we also have to look into this generally with the click to dial.
  7. Should be in the latest 63.1.4 build.
  8. Its all in pbxwebai by default - try ...../pbx/pbxwebai/ or maybe ...../pbx/pbxwebai/pnp (not sure), for example /pbx/pbxwebai/yealink_common.txt. You need to make sure that the PBX actually reads from the file system in the system settings (reg_ports.htm - Read content for global and domain files).
  9. We have added that to the 63.0.6 .dat file. Essentially these are the important changes in the pnp_grandstream.xml file (for all models, similar). In a nutshell it is not neccessary that we check the beginning of the MAC any more because we are already checking the user agent: <file name="grandstream-ht80x.xml" encoding="xml"> - <pattern mac="3">cfg000b82######.xml</pattern> + <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*HT80.</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file> The only exception is the grandstream-reject which keeps the phone continue with the provisioning process: <file name="grandstream-reject1"> <pattern>cfg000b82######</pattern> + <pattern>cfgc074ad######</pattern> <prefix>true</prefix>
  10. If you have the PBX send out the email and then delete the message, the light will flicker briefly while the message is in transit internally (we consider that a feature). The PBX cannot know if the email was read or not, that is why the message is supposed to turn off after the email is out and the message deleted.
  11. Whow they must have sold a lot phones. Thanks for the info, we'll swiftly add it.
  12. Yes that is still the case. If you want to "squeeze" more out of a CPU with more cores, you can also run multiple instances on the CPU. Then you can either bind each instance to a different port set (e.g. 5062, 5063) or different IP address. In modern OS it is possible to have multiple IP addresses so that they will occur like separate server instances. If you are using virtualization it will do that for you, but you can also do this directly on the OS similar to a docker image.
  13. This is a difficult question. It is similar to the question what kind of hardware do I need to handle 100 emails per second... But let me try. For up to 64 calls I would say pretty much any PC server should be able to handle it unless you steal it from a museum; 128 calls are done by a cheap new server; 256 by a good server; 512 will require a top server; for 1024 you will have to get everything that is possible today, and you have to avoid call recording and transcoding and maybe even SRTP. Memory is not as important. 4 GB RAM is enough - you probably don't even get such small servers any more. Same for hard drive unless you want to do massive call recording.
  14. There was a similar problem with snom phones - according to the RFC the PBX is supposed to send a NOTIFY after every SUBSCRIBE refresh - even if the refresh is every 30 seconds. What the RFC does not say is what should happen when that NOTIFY is not coming. Most phones just keep things as they are, so they will keep the lights on. Seems like Grandstream reads in their firmware also from the RFC that the LED should be turned off. We'll probably have to give up and send the NOTIFY to every subscriber even if it is a gross waste of resources. P.S. 63.1 is not a full release - we keep building it for those who want to be on the latest & greatest.
  15. Oops that does not sound like a good experience. As for the discount consider registering with our distributor - they will give you the reseller price.
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