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  1. 3.6 was released by accident, we have already reverted back to the 3.5.5 version. Seems on the Microsoft App Store, there was a flag that accidentally automatically released a version that was supposed to be experimental and internal...
  2. Ok course hangup should hang up. So this is on the Windows App? What version of the PBX and what version of the app?
  3. If it works with physical phones, the dial plan is okay. What Vodia soft phone are you using? Can you call the soft phone from the physical VoIP phone?
  4. Its the same like all the other OS, just put the link into the SW update field and start the process. On the IOP please don't power-cycle the device for at least ten minutes because the file system is very slow writing the files.
  5. That is probably because in your system there is no entry in the dial plan that allows the call to that destination.
  6. For the domain there is are different API calls. You can see them in the status page for the domain. They are not the same, what are you looking for?
  7. There are two ways to "miss" a call in the ACD. One way is the callers perception when the caller hangs up without talking to an agent. And the other way is that an agent does not pick up the call although the phone was ringing. Those are independent, for example one or more agents can miss a call but the ACD does not miss the call when another agent picks up. You can determine if the ACD missed a call by looking at the reason, e.g. "hr" would be a classic missed call for the ACD. The agents that missed the call are reported in a list with their extension numbers. I can't see that in the example above, assume that this is from an older version. BTW 67 should include a version number in the CDR record to make identifying this easier.
  8. There was an issue with deleting MAC, but more of cosmetic nature. Adding a MAC was working fine. There were a few messages from Yealink about updates of the RPS, maybe you were just hitting the maintenance window.
  9. The release notes should be up-to-date again.
  10. Lets try this out in the 67.1 branch and see if it causes any unwanted surprises!
  11. Sounds to me like the CDR had some unexpected string in it that would raise an exception. We have worked in that area anyway, and there are some good chances that this will work better in the next build.
  12. Yes T38 is no longer the problem as it seems. At least the PCAP shows T38 going back and forth. Now we are back to good old FAX problems. Looks like the PBX waits for the end of the training, but it does not happen for whatever reason. Its already some time ago, but it would be great to see the LOG messages for media on level 9.
  13. Looks like the "Reregister Before Expiration (in seconds)" was changed in that firmware — it's still a mystery to me how this parameter can have such a profound impact on the registration and why Grandstream would even change the behavior of this setting.
  14. We introduced the ups flag in the URL to tell the PBX to set the URL, so that for the re-sync the phones would not go to the RPS but to the PBX directly (which seems to to work beautiful for us). I was trying to read up on the static keyword with not much success... It sounds like there is a shadow configuration that the user can override? The provisioning guide mentions the static here and there but there is no explanation about it.
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