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  1. Yes on hold the user can press a key and then the PBX will send a SMS to the user phone number. The MoH should contain some text that tells the user what key to press. A typical example would be "la-la-la If you press 4, we will text you a link to our menu la-la-la If you press 5, we will text you a link to our partner page la-la-la ..."
  2. Maybe your browser auto-filled the passwords in error, so that they ended up being the same?
  3. My guess there is a problem with the certificate: % curl -vv https://techguysio.pstn.umatilla.twilio.com:5061 * Server certificate: * subject: C=US; ST=California; L=San Francisco; O=Twilio, Inc.; CN=*.us2.twilio.com * start date: Feb 18 00:00:00 2021 GMT * expire date: Feb 22 23:59:59 2022 GMT * subjectAltName does not match techguysio.pstn.umatilla.twilio.com * SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name 'techguysio.pstn.umatilla.twilio.com' * Closing connection 0 * TLSv1.2 (OUT), TLS alert, close notify (256): curl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subj
  4. Its probably more important to know that there is someone waiting in a park orbit than showing the caller-ID. We could make that an option for the park orbit, so that we don't loose the functionality to show the original caller-ID, e.g. for VoIP phones with a small display. But we should have an option to just show the name of the park orbit for that call and then when the user accepts the call, we can change the caller-ID back to the original caller-ID.
  5. I noted something in the 13-Numbers. Starts with "611300" seems fine with me, however starts with "613" would conflict with Victoria. Is this just a typo? Should this be "6113"? Maybe the problems with 61300xxxxxx are related?
  6. PING is the #1 tool for robots to find SIP servers in the Internet. That is why the PBX by default ignores PING if it comes from an unassociated address. What you can do: Set up a dummy SIP trunk that has the outbound proxy set to the address of the monitor Use SNMP instead of SIP. Then PRTG can also report additional information like how many calls are active. Use HTTP instead of SIP. Then you can just pull e.g. robots.txt or you could also pull a REST API statistics that shows e.g. how many registrations are on the server.
  7. Thanks for that detailed overview. The reason why the PBX is using hyphens is because spaces are used in many forms in the web front end to separate list entries, including the forms for the DID numbers. In the USA, phone numbers are often written like (617) 399 8147 which is even "worse" than Australia! Other countries like Germany also prefer spaces, and they also include extra characters for the area code, e.g. (030) 55578992 or (030) 5557 8992 depending who you ask. One way of solving the problem would be a different presentation in the user front end and the administrator web interfa
  8. That feature is available when the user is on hold. It makes sense to put that also into the auto attendant, we'll have to put this on the to-do list!
  9. It looks to me like the number is not set up for sending SMS. There is a checklist on https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/v2/messaging/quickstarts/portal-setup that might be helpful. IMHO the message itself looks okay. They might have change the authorization header, but it does not looks like they broke the previous version.
  10. New York should be really easy. You can just select the East coast time time. Actually the PBX does that automatically for you when you install the PBX.
  11. I would use 67 for that. Only key "aha" is that the PBX needs to find the right certificate. When you upgrade to 67, make sure to reset the certificates then this should be working without problems.
  12. Well, the idea is to follow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Australia and present phone numbers in the format that the Australian human would be able to read it properly. Right now you could take the country code out, however that has a lot more consequences that just adding the hyphens for readability. We could add a setting that suppresses the re-formatting, but before we do a step like this it would be great to understand what exactly the problem is. Is the formatting incorrect?
  13. The hyphens are inserted in the "display" name, the number itself should not contain hyphens. E.g. "030-55578992" <sip:03055578992@vodia.com> it depends on the country code. It should help with the readability of the number. If there is a name already available or the number is in the address book, then the PBX should not do that replacement. What country code are you using?
  14. Is there a link to the API description? Or is this your own API?
  15. Go to the status web page on the system level (the version actually is also available on the domain level status screen).
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