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  1. Vodia PBX

    SIP TLS processing causes Audio drop outs

    That problem was solved in version 61. Unfortunately this is no easy fix, porting it back to 57 is not an option. If you upgrade to 61.1 (Debian64 is available) it will also automatically convert the button profiles to the new button profile scheme.
  2. Vodia PBX

    Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line

    Well... the setting was actually for BLF not for the line. Sorry about the wrong info. I guess we need to introduce another setting for the lines.
  3. Vodia PBX

    Service down by too many open files?

    Some Linux distributions keep the PBX from binding to port 80/443 for some time, which could be 5 minutes. When you restart the PBX check top if it CPU is actually busy.
  4. Vodia PBX

    Service down by too many open files?

    When the PBX restarts, it needs to read the configuration files. Especially if there are a lot of CDR this can take its time. If you have a lot, well that can take time (the newer versions keep an index for the CDR tables which make this a lot faster).
  5. Vodia PBX

    Service down by too many open files?

    There were a couple of problems in that area, especially for very busy systems. If you can move to 61.0 or maybe even 61.1 then those problems should be fixed.
  6. For fixed length patterns 1340xxxxxxx|1268xxxxxxx should work. Or (1340[0-9]*|1268[0-9]*)@.*
  7. Is this a problem in the web front end? Are the settings (in the XML files) written correctly?
  8. For example you could use a expression like this: ^(01153[0-9]*|01154[0-9]*|01155[0-9]*)@.* The pattern can be expanded accordingly.
  9. At least make them easier to read... [] means either character listed there as far as I remember, if you want alternatives you need to use 01153|01154 not [01153]|[01154]. You should probably go for full extended regular expression, it is well documented and you don't need to try & error.
  10. Vodia PBX

    Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line

    Some snom firmware versions treated space as empty string " "; so possibility #1 would be to set the label to that or maybe a TAB character. The other possibility #2 is to set the "Label template for private lines" (in reg_pnp_settings.htm) to "", although this would affect all phones - at least it should 100 % validate the point about provisioning an empty label.
  11. I would just make one entry per country, as simple as 01153* and then block that entry. If you have a lot of them, it is easier to use the text mode. This makes it very fast to copy & paste lines. Extended regular expressions and even complex "simple" expressions easily get out of control!
  12. Vodia PBX

    Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line

    So in a nutshell - the problem is that there is no way to set the label to empty?
  13. Vodia PBX

    Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line

    If you work with buttons I would try to get to 61.1 where all modes are available and the latest will also automatically upgrade your pre-61 button profiles to the 61+ button profile. Is this really specific for the 745? IMHO it would make sense to do this for all snom models, at least those that have a display for the buttons. The documentation for snom PnP on the doc.vodia.com portal is slightly outdated, so in a nutshell when you select the snom mode you can put just anything into the parameter that will be copied into the XML file. If you want to try out, just put something there like "hello there" and look at the file that will be sent to the phone, then you will see how this works.
  14. Vodia PBX

    Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line

    Hmm... There is a "snom power mode" available where the parameter for the button gets copied 1:1 into the XML as is. You can always use that as a fallback method without having to change the template. The question is if the default that we are using right now is good. For a private line we currently provision <fkey idx="xxx" context="yyy" label="lll" perm="RW">line</fkey>. Would it make sense to change that?
  15. Vodia PBX

    Caller ID update on trunk

    Try using the {from} pattern and then follow the rules to determine what exactly you want to see there https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_ani once you have done the trunk it would be great if you send support an email, then we can include it in the next build so that other users can just use it.