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  1. There were a few problems in that area, they are (hopefully) now resolved in the latest and greatest. We'll make a full release soon.
  2. Just set the county code for the domain to the country where you are. What is your country code?
  3. Everything is possible... We could add a flag for this in the paging group and leave the decision to the admin.
  4. Actually that is supposed to be a feature... For multicast paging, it would also page the phone BTW.
  5. Wir sind inzwischen bei 66.0.5 wo wir auch für die Telekom ein paar Sachen eingebaut haben, inkl. besseren FAX-Empfang.
  6. Try putting the 8304 into the final stage.
  7. Ok there was a mistake with the day when the DST switch happens for that time zone. It will be okay again next week. We'll also fix it in the description, so that (unless the DST rules change...) next year it will be correct.
  8. Let me try to understand this... You mean when the PBX receives a SMS but it could not be delivered to a user (either through an active connection or through a app wakeup), the PBX should send it out as email?
  9. You can check if there is a one way audio problem by just calling that extension. If it works, it will also work for paging. The ports can be different on the phone and the PBX, e.g. sending from the PBX port 1234 to the phone port 2345 would be perfectly fine. I would still use the PCAP feature for the phone to capture multicast traffic. Then you can see what is actually arriving in terms of multicast RTP on the phone—or its absence. If there is no RTP when it should, binding the multicast RTP to a specific IP address (if there are more than one) on the PBX may be the answer.
  10. Where do you see the time? On a VoIP phone (which one?) or when you listen to a voicemail?
  11. Well so far we have only settings for the TLS version and RC4. Down the road we'll probably need more control over this and also add more ciphers for better interop.
  12. We have made builds for 66.0.4, and also updated the release notes. There are a few minor improvements as the number suggests, many of them for better operation with more soft phones connected. Also a few changes were necessary for better SMS support which we hope you can use for better productivity with clients.
  13. Hmm handshake failure. That sounds like it does not like the ciphers that Vodia is offering (TLS 1.2 should be fine, just verified with curl). Workaround could of course be to run this through a regular web server (e.g. PHP) and see if they like the ciphers from there.
  14. Hmm I would also turn on TL logging to 9 to see if there is a problem with the certificate. Maybe you have to reset the list of Root CA (if you are coming from an old PBX version).
  15. It is wget https://speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize?key=AIzaSyD6XgI-eLss3oX3xl1cLSSUV6Nxg05jCXY
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