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  1. That is kind of hard to believe - do you have Google home in Italy? Maybe the "it-IT" it not correct?!
  2. Just send your distributor or sales@vodia.com an email...
  3. You could try {get first_name} and {get display_name} (which is the last name).
  4. Well I think it makes sense to take a look at the SIP packets, maybe there is something weird going on there...
  5. It does not depend on the OS, it depends on the license. You can also use it on Raspberry Pi or Vodia IO if you like. Just get a hosted Demo key to try it out.
  6. You should see that - however this is available only for the hosted editions (on CPE is makes only limited sense):
  7. Well there is a feature for calling back users in dom_ext2.htm - maybe this one is "Yes"? This one is supposed to be used for private cell phone users that don't want to pay for company calls from their cell phones...
  8. Whow interesting. The ACD callback list? Or the mailbox (you can call back if someone leaves a VM)?
  9. The phones also have their settings - e.g. you will have to re-provision Poly.com phones if you change that setting. You will see if you look at the SIP traces; the phone might send a 408 timeout or something like that. If you change the setting like this through the web interface (not sure if this still works in 63) you don't need to restart the service.
  10. Yea, looking at the registration history in the extension tab it would be expected that there is just one, stable registration with the push server. I wonder if that can be set up somehow.
  11. I was just wondering if there is a misinterpretation of the data - sockets are available on all threads and maybe it just shows those sockets multiple times. Maybe we need to filter them by the process ID and count only unique sockets.
  12. Looks like those port all belong to the same process - what is the "TID" in the lsof output?
  13. If you clone a PBX including the license it will obviously not work on the clone system (at least for for long). When you apply a new license, things that are not covered by the license will be disabled or unavailable. But the configuration should be intact.
  14. The NFR is valid as long as your partner status is valid. So that should not be the problem... The CPE licenses don't have all features, you you can also easily get a hosted demo key where absolutely everything is available.
  15. Well that does look like there are a lot of dangling calls. Are you doing anything unusual? Like multicast page a lot? Or is the system under attack all the time? Seems there are also IPv6 ports open which is a sign that the call gets allocated but is not used later.
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