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  1. Set the ANI for the Agent Groups - then log into one of them and (by default) it should then use that ANI for the call. Check the logs on how this is passed to the trunk. By default the {from} pattern in the trunk will use this ANI.
  2. Branding means that they present a certain caller-ID for outbound calls (ANI)? That is for sure possible. There are many ways to achieve this, depending on what they need. Inbound is relatively easy - all they will need is to assign DID numbers to the extension. In 64, there is a new page specially for this task.
  3. A reason could be that the ringback WAV file went missing for whatever reason or a country for the tones was selected that is not present on the system. I assume that calling e.g. the mailbox works fine?
  4. I agree. Maybe we'll just add a way for the admin to enable showing intercom "ring tones".Then this will work with every phone model without having to change any template file. Adding a ring tone selector to the address book is also a good idea. Workaround for today is to set up a hunt group, make the extension the only member of that hunt group, change the ringtones.xml template, change the ringtone for that hunt group to the changed entry and have the ACD call the hunt group instead of the extension.
  5. Of course it is not a big deal to add that option to the address book. However we need to think about what we should do e.g. when that contact dials a hunt group which has already a ringtone set. By default the PBX uses "internal" and "external" ringtones - depending on where the call came from. We also need to keep in mind that there is a layer on top of the phone hardware - all phones (should) sound the same no matter what manufacturer. Having the phone connect the call is a somewhat special case because of the privacy implications. It would be still possible to use the hunt group to achieve this with the current versions. There is a file ringtones.xml that can be edited (through the web interface) to hijack one of the ring tones to make the phones pick up immediately. All you have to do is use a hunt group with just one agent and select a ring tone that you then change in the ringtones.xml file. In that file you will see the entry that makes the Polycom pick up the call immediately. In the following example all you have to do is set the ringer to "ringer10" in the hunt group: <tone name="ringer10"> <vendor ua="Polycom.*">Auto Answer</vendor> ...
  6. Ahhh. You want to essentially intercom to the phones. You can do that from an extension (permission needs to be set) e.g. by dialing *90123 (123 being the extension). Is it possible for the external ACD to call *90123 instead of 123? Then you could tell the PBX to treat that call like a call from one extension (ACD, based on its IP address) to another extension. If all calls to the phones are intercom you could as well change the polycom_all template and make them auto answer. The third possibility would be to send the call to a hunt group that uses the ringtone that you want - this can in theory include the "no dot ring at all" "tone". Though this would require that you change the template for the hunt group web page which is currently suppressing that option.
  7. You can set different ring tones when e.g. a hunt group is being called. This depends on who is being called, not who is calling. Can you elaborate a little what the use case is for specifying what ring tone to use in the address book?
  8. Well what did you put into the URL field? It has to be an URL.
  9. Try https://portal.vodia.com/downloads/snomOneCstaBrowser1006.zip however keep in mind its pretty old.
  10. Is this limited to snom phones or does it also affect other brands? Is there two-way audio after the connection?
  11. Looks pretty much straight forward. Are you able to try out a new 64.0 build? Might just add it.
  12. The easiest is to drag and drop the call from the web portal onto an extension. I know that this was on the list for the new portal but I am not sure if that was implemented yet. Using a star code might be another possibility, but IMHO it is not very practical because nobody will be able to remember the correct (and probably very cryptic) code.
  13. Well this is the problem: "SIP/2.0 403 From user does not match authenticated user" - which is obviously the problem. The "From" uses 22. Try to put the username into the account field and username field - that should solve the problem.
  14. Inbound problems are usually harder than outbound. Can you post the SIP response to the INVITE that the trunk provider sends? That might give us a clue...
  15. I would send all calls to a specific account first - this way you can make sure that you don't have an inbound call routing problem. The if that works you can refine it and try to send it to an extension based on a prefix pattern. If not, check the log file for a clue. Does the PBX receive an INVITE? Are outbound calls working?
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