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  1. Is there a link to the API description? Or is this your own API?
  2. Go to the status web page on the system level (the version actually is also available on the domain level status screen).
  3. Are you trying to import this in the domain or on the user portal? What version are you on?
  4. The preview is really just the preview. If the other records are not getting imported that sounds like there must be some problem with line 6? Did you try to import e.g. from line 10 onwards?
  5. Not really. The workaround for now is to create a SMS account for each domain and then have the billing from the SMS provider. We are a little hesitant with changes in this area because there are more topics coming up which essentially need the same kind of flexibility like for regular DID and we first need a clear understanding on how to properly address this in a bigger picture.
  6. This is what we are using for Twilio right now Twilio.prototype.send = function(obj) { var body = "From=" + encodeURIComponent(obj.from); body += "&To=" + encodeURIComponent(obj.to); // Do we have an attachment? if (obj.url) body += "&MediaUrl=" + encodeURIComponent(obj.url); else if (obj.wav) bbody += "&MediaUrl=" + encodeURIComponent(obj.wav); else body += "&Body=" + encodeURIComponent(obj.text) system.http({ method: 'POST', url: this.base + '/Accounts/' + this.username + '/Messages.json', header: [ { name: 'Authorization', value: 'Basic ' + toBase64String(this.username + ':' + this.token), secret: true }, { name: 'Content-Type', value: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' } ], body: body }); } The settings are also available on domain level. this.base is 'https://api.twilio.com/2010-04-01' but it can be overwritten if needed.
  7. Most most environments it is much easier and faster to just make a backup of the working directory of the PBX. You can even schedule that, e.g. daily backups.
  8. The PCAP shows two-way audio. This looks like a problem with the audio path on the device.
  9. Bottom line: Use a virtual machine. That will give you great redundancy within the data center. Using the PBX failover makes only sense if you want to do a geographic failover ("nuclear strike"). Make backups in case you loose access to the VM, e.g. forgot to pay your bill.
  10. If I remember correctly having an application start after login in Windows is easy, maybe there is a way to set this programmatically and if that is so, we should do that along with the close/minimize button.
  11. Its included in the latest build for 67.1. It is good for trying out the FAX topic, but there are a few other topics in that build that require attention before we can release it.
  12. Not really, but it is also very annoying when debugging...
  13. There is some info on https://doc.vodia.com/docs/appearance on how you can drop the logo into the file system, then it will override the built-in logo. For new installations you can just copy the content of the pbxwebai directory to clone to customization, this is usually much faster than going into the web interface and doing it from there.
  14. There are limits of what we can do because of the various app stores. For example, we tried to change the logo for the Android app and Google took the app down because we were seen as "imposer". The road to go is to do co-branding, so that the logo appears inside the app, similar to what we already do on the web front end. Most customers are perfectly okay with it, it's similar to the experience on the desktop phone. The plastic has the manufacturers name printed on it and the display shows the company logo.
  15. There are a lot of conferencing solutions available that might fit customers need and budget. If you want to host it yourself, you could use https://jitsi.org (some of the competitors just white label and sell it as part of their solution). If you don't want to host it yourself and your clients have Google accounts, you can also just use Google Meet. Then there is Zoom, Teams, WebEx and a lot more. It will be hard for a PBX manufacturer like Vodia to compete with these solutions like it is hard to compete with CRM solution providers. 1:1 video is much easier and we will see this soon in the app.
  16. It says "Receive SMS" so it did receive the SMS. Try to turn on the log level for "script" to 9 to see more information. I guess you have selected a SMS provider already? Also turn the log level for "IVR events" to 9 (yes that log level is quite misleading).
  17. I remember there was a post about this a few weeks ago, but this should be in the latest (which is 67.0.2 at the moment).
  18. That is a well known problem. When the PBX sends the CANCEL message to the phone, this is the only way it can tell the phone wether the call was missed or not. There is no way to tell the phone later that the call was missed. There is a flag on each stage of the hunt group if the PBX should do it or not. In doubt select "no" so that users are not calling the same number multiple times back. When the hunt group reaches the final stage, it can send an email. This would be the proper definition of the missed call. For example, if you send the email to a email group, then you can have the employees work out who should call back.
  19. It should be fixed in 67.0.1, it was simply because we usually test it coming from the admin mode where this problem was invisible.
  20. That should also work. Many people are using standard SMTP servers — its actually usually easier than gmail.
  21. Its complicated. Keep in mind that many installations are still on premise where there is no (real) HTTPS. "Automatic" will check if there is a certificate for a domain or the server management address, and it that is the case it will do the redirect. If you are running the PBX on a public IP, you might want to rename (or just remove it) the localhost domain so that the PBX knows it has not to serve all incoming requests, which is another challenge for presenting a valid certificate.
  22. IMHO if you control your own CRM code, I would rather go for the integration that requires those changes on the backend (see https://doc.vodia.com/click2dial "Click-to-dial Embedded into HTML"). Then when the user has logged into the CRM system, there is no need to enter a password. All the user needs to do is click on the phone number that you present to the browser. The user can also disconnect the call from there.
  23. Well you can start calls only if you have the password. Otherwise you will soon have a lot of calls on your server, especially if you are running it on a public IP!
  24. The problem for the PBX is to tell what URL to use. When you are logging in with the browser, the PBX says "oh good, this one is able to see my page so lets use that page". If you are logged in with HTTPS well then that's a good sign. Even when you trigger sending out an email from the web interface, the PBX tries to use the address that you entered in your browser to generate the URL. So the bottom line is, don't log in with the IP address in your browser or an insecure connection. Needless to say, make sure that the domain has the green lock symbol indicating that the browser thinks that the connection is secure—that usually means that the app also believes it is secure. iOS and Android are these days very rejective to insecure connections.
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