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  1. Nothing shows up on the users phone. In fact click on the create button seems like it is not prompting any action on the back end. Also there are none of the visual cues you would expect when clicking on a button to indicate that something is happening.
  2. I noticed when in user mode and logged into the web interface you are presented with the icons to IM, check VM or schedule a Conference (upper right corner). I was wondering if anyone has been able to get the IM feature to work? It does nothing for us. If I input the extension and the message and click create, nothing happens. Nothing shows up on the remote users phone. Am I missing a configuration step here or should I have something turned on or active? I looked around for something in the manual or on the web but I don't see what I should be looking for. I've attached a screenshot of the web interface section I am referreing to. thanks R
  3. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle incoming calls for our Executives. We have an auto-attendant setup with the dial by name directory option enabled. We would like for outside callers to be able to input our executives name in th directory but have only the outside callers who come through the auto-attnedant phone tree get routed to that executives administrative assistant instead. I found how I can disable the executives account from being accessible through the phone tree, but we would prefer to allow the extension to be selected and routed. Does anyone know how to do this? 2nd. we want to setup a way (unpublished) for certain callers to route through a back door number directly to the executive so they can have a direct line for family or other executives to use when calling from other locations. Auto attendent Dial by name Option Executives Extension (for outside Calls only) get reouted to the Admin assistant (internally anyone can directly call the executive) Admin assistant answers call and then routes to executive or VM thanks in advance for any input.
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