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  1. OK , But a number of our customer at times want to enable recording either via the *12 or via Snom Record Button - for what ever purpose, and then be able to go back and find the recordings. If you had 100 extensions all intermittantly recording then with the current method - ther is no way to identify who recorded what ... So suggest a second record directory structure for manual recordings (via *12 or Snom Record Button) ie. /recordings/automated/... /recordings/manual/...
  2. Running (Win32) I have Call recording enabled in License The Recordings are working for domains if I enable one of the domain level recording options. ie. "Recording default for this domain" - "record calls to extensions" If I dont enable any automatic domain level recording options, but want to manually enable recording via the Record On Key, Record Off Keys. Then the Record Location syntax is ignored and the recordings are only stored in the recordings directory as msg**.wav I would like to see the same Record Location syntax used - for these manual recordings as well. (Or perhaps a second Record Location option for these)
  3. Hi All, So where dose the timezone.xml file go in the directory structure. The wiki - does not state this. http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Localization (FYI.. I notice that in the latest updates that AU Time Zones are included)
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