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  1. happy birthday from austria.....

  2. The teles box is the ISDN version. if i connect the ISDN phones to the telesbox i can call with the phones but i can not receive call. Maybe it's better to buy 2 new SIP phones, i think this is to difficult to connect a ISDN dect phone on a voipbox.
  3. Hello, I want to connect a Siemens Gigaset sx255 to my Teles Voipbox running PBXNSIP Is that possible?
  4. A new Question: Ik have a Siemens Gigaset sx255 and i want to connect it to my voipbox. Is that possible?
  5. It Works, but now a new problem if we call over isdn to 06 we want to send a differend number on the display, is that possible?
  6. I have this version: Version: (Linux)
  7. No, if i set the Log Watch List (IP): on the telesvoipbox the box resets and deletes all my settings. Very weird.
  8. I've set the ip-adres to
  9. No. What is the outbound proxy for the ISDN trunk? It should be something like if the gateway listens on port 5062. The outbound proxy:, that's correct. Also what is the user dialling? Something like 06912345 to get a number in Frankfurt? the user is dialing a 06 number in the netherlands
  10. With the new dialplan: If i call local numbers it rings If i call 06-numbers i get a dead line. Do i need some special settings for the teles.Gateway(ISDN) Trunk?
  11. It doesn't work. It keeps calling over voip. A picture of the dialplan:
  12. I have a teles voipbox and i want to create the following dialplan: If i call 06-numbers they have to go over ISDN. If i call local numbers they have to go over VOIP. Could someone help me?
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