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  1. Any thoughts about using snomOne inside docker containers?
  2. <quote>REST is for reading, writing, deleting and other stuff</> Yes, any documentation about your implementation? Document vodia_pbx_rest_api.pdf only contains few "get" methods.
  3. <quote>The other possibility would be to have an external program use a REST call in the PBX to dynamically change the setting for the routing table.</quote> Is it possible? I can not find this information in vodia_pbx_rest_api.pdf documentation.
  4. Can REST API be used to create and delete entries?
  5. Any reason why it is not available for trunk? Any plans to implement it for trunks? It is in the SIP protocol standards.
  6. Hi, I have tested instant message feature on user GUI and it works if I send message to an extension, but can not make it work if I try to send message to a trunk. What I am missing?
  7. I am trying to customize web pages for version 5.2.1. I have encountered few problems for new pages, which use "REST" framework. 1. In absence header.htm and footer.htm it is very inconvenient to customize all pages. I had to edit javascript file to achieve that. 2. Because main content is created using javascript after call to setupRegEnvironment(), in which translateItems() is called, translations are happening randomly, depending on some race condition. The above 2 points are valid if I do not want edit/customize ALL files, but only header/footer/reg_format.js.
  8. > If there are no parameters in the DBSet request, the row will be deleted. Okay, useful information. Anything about how to create a row?
  9. Yes I can read user_alias table entries fine. Problems is if I want remove alias how to delete entry? Same thing applies for adding.
  10. Having just 2 functions to manipulate with tables: DBGet DBSet I am missing functions to create/add and delete/remove entries (rows). Am I missing something?
  11. Yes I did follow the link you provided, as well as http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Access_to_the_Database I can change all parameters related to user account except alias, because it sits in separate table. So how I can add remove extension alias?
  12. How to add and remove extension alias by SOAP?
  13. myredrook

    soap questions

    1. It would be nice to update database tables list and list "ALL" fields names in http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Access_to_the_Database#DBGet_Function field names are in some cases are different from what I can see in xml files and I can not derive all field names from xml files because some files are not created (yet) and some fields not filled (yet). 2. I can not get content of "admins" table through SOAP call, in file systen I have file 2.xml with content <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <row><domain>3</domain><name>company</name><password encrypted="true">HuIs/LhQ+VLVap7rk8Y9pkrnrWm4zEY=</password></row>
  14. In version 5.1.1 provisioning password generated automatically includes character ยง (0xA7). XML parser $xml_parser = xml_parser_create(); fails on such entry. Solution is to add line $content = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"ISO-8859-1\" ?>$content"; after $content = pbx_soap( pbx_xml_envelope("DBGet", $req) ); in function pbx_get.
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