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    Tks, I will do that
  2. Vega


    I want to empty the address book and recreate it. Is it enough to just clear the address book, or can I remove all the xml and also txt files in the adrbook folder.
  3. Vega


    if we use fix length e.g.4 digits than if any 4 digits not necessary the actual cmc is entered the call gets through, which is not correct. By the way the customer is using version
  4. Vega


    I set "CMC authentication for outbound calls" to ----- use address book . All extensions in address book has a cmc entry e.g.1234. When the system ask "please enter your identification number press pound to confirm" we input 1234# and the call is allowed. This is ok. But the issue is when we input just # without 1234 the call is also allowed. This is not correct.
  5. Vega


    Yes I tried in my test system with cmc entry for all extension it is ok. If I press # the call is not accepted. If I have at least 1 extension without cmc than it accepts # and the call is allowed. So I checked the customer system it has cmc entry for all extension but still the call is allowed with #. Is there somewhere in the system its having some record without cmc.
  6. Vega


    Its CMC because the customer wants to track who made the call. So if the user can press other than his actual cmc numbers even just # it will not be the correct cmc.
  7. Vega


    I have activated 4 digit CMC for all accounts in the address book. I have tried the following setting for "CMC authentication for outbound calls: 1. 4 digits--- where my cmc is 1234. If I input any 4 digit the call is allowed. 2. terminate with #--- if i input any number followed by # or only # the call is through. 3. use address book---- same as above. How to configure to allow only when the actual cmc in input.
  8. Hi, I have a similar problem. Can you let me know where to find the html and webpages sub directory. Also how to remove them. Thanks
  9. i followed it and the phone is provisioned now how to access the phone because its asking for user name / password. thanks
  10. Upgraded to Snomone version 5.1.2. Did provisioning of Snom300 to version Now phone asks for username/ password. what is the default. Can I set the default username/password for snom phones in the Snomone provisioning pages. How do i do it. thanks
  11. Any beta firmware to test this. Thanks
  12. The snomone is configured for sip trunk with IMS. For incoming calls, caller id it is to be taken from the P-asserted identity of the incoming invite message. How do I configure the trunk gateway in Snomone to pick the caller id and send to the extension snom phone.
  13. thanks for the feedback i have setup 1 interface to the voip provider and another interface to the local LAN dhcp. Set the metric and the trunk gets registered to the voip provider and able to complete outgoing and incoming calls through the voip provider. Also calls between ip phones in the LAN are ok. Is this all anything else to be done.
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