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  1. I'm working on an old test phone that was laying around. We use 7960g phones here all day. I'm not sure what files are going to overlap and what the actual registration xml file will look like with a SnomOne system. Does anyone have a working example they can share with me? Thanks, Derek
  2. On the mailbox tab I have "Send message waiting indication:" and it is set to yes. Maybe that's why.
  3. I see nothing that deals with message subscription on the registrations page. Is that supposed to be a parameter?
  4. I have ver 5.1.2 and am experiencing this problem on Cisco phones. Any one know what to do? It's happening as described above. VM left on extension with email delivery selected with no local storage.
  5. I have my mailbox set to deliver VM as attachment to my email and delete the VM from the system. However, I still get an MWI sent to the phone. I dial into VM and find zero messages. Still the MWI stays. Anyway to force check that off?
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