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  1. Thanks To what e-mail and your name this way i can send you the LOg in Info confidential , i my afraid others can see here . My e-mail is Luis.escobar@esivoip.com Thanks very much Luis
  2. Ps ; I trust you and i can let you Log in my server to you look what i doing ? Thanks Again
  3. Sorry Here is other major trouble I have Is whit e-mail when I have a PBXnsip my e-mail was working . When I get SnomOne , I set up the e-mail exact as in the pbxnsip but never worked . I was thinking is because I not have the upgrade , but now that I upgrade I still can get the e-mail work can be some in my server ? I Use dedicated server wind 2008 R2 64 in one of the Best data centers . I think all this troubles are just configuration from my part but I can't figure out what I doing different , for me the Format of PBXnsip was very simple , the SnomOne format is more reach but very confusing for people like me . I will need some New Training again . any help ? please Luis Please advise Thanks very Much Can I call you ? or you can call me at your convenience I am available 24/7 Luis.Escobar@Esivoip 1-203-803-4506
  4. Hello I came whit estrange situation after upgrade , SnomOne to the Last Version ( and Changed my Internet Carrier in these days ) Canbe the Upgrade or The Internet Carrier Change ?? I have a trunks From Net2phone . Here is the situation when I Calling USA Numbers all is ok perfect But when I call Colombia Medellin Numbers I have trouble whit Audio . I hear the ring ok my party answer I can hear them but they can't hear me . Net2phone have tested and say all is ok is my PBX blocking my audio . Now I also have trunks from Call centric and same calls to USA are very good , but whit call centric the situation is different I call my party But I can't hear if the phone ringing is like dead but if I wait my party answer the phone they hear the ring and they can hear me correct , just I can hear if the telephone is ringing . Call centric also say is in my Pbx they have tested . Way I have these troubles Now ? Oslo I find that if I set up in REDIRECTION and I add Ask for name When the call came in that extension the commands no respond ( 1) Take the call or any other command the phone ignore (Snom360) the key strokes . Additional info All worked well before update but also I Changed my internet provider all most at the same time Before I Have Cablevision Bust Sped , I changed to ATT_Uverse Can be Att Modem blocking something In the Firewall ? I opened it and no help . Or can be the Upgrade of the Someone was version 5.01 I upgraded to the last Version my I mess something , but the strange is way only this trouble is whit International calls . Please advise Thanks very Much Luis.Escobar@Esivoip 1-203-803-4506
  5. Yes i like to change the top Header as well Sorry my ignorance I not understand your instructions I do not Noting abouth HTML . can you steep by step show me how and i will copy to the directory , i do have the image . Thanks very much For your help Luis.Escobar@Esivoip 1-203-803-4506
  6. I need help to load my Company logo step by step please. i did it before whit the older version PBXnSip . But Now whit SnomOne last version i can't find my way how i do it. i am apreciate if some one help me Thanks Very much Luis
  7. Web interface View Solved I have IE V 9 In the server But i instaled Google Crome and Now i can work whit My Web interface Thanks very Much for the help
  8. I need to load my Company logo step by step please. i did it before whit the older version PBXnSip . But Now whit SnomOne last version i can't find my way how i do it Thanks again Luis
  9. Thanks Very Much , i was able to see my web Interface now whit Crome , but i do not how i can make work in IE, but i can work whit Crome for now that is great Thanks very much . One Last Request for now , I need to load my logo step by step please. i did before whit the older version PBXnSip But Now i can't find my way how i do it, i forget . Thans again Luis
  10. Please Urgent I have Version 5.0.8 them I upgrade , all work but in the web interface but I can't see my Domains in the web interface is Blank , what happened ? I be able to make calls but I can't see the call details or calls in progress in the web interface .
  11. esivoip


    Please Urgent I have Version 5.0.8 them i upgrade , all work but in the web interface but i can't see my Domains in the web interface is Blank , what hapened ? I be able to make calls but i can't see the call details or calls in progres in the web interface . Thanks Luis
  12. Thanks But i am apreciate if you can gib me more especific and samples by read the link you send me i can undestand , it Thanks Luis
  13. PLease i need help ; I have trouble to set up the dial plans for outgoing international using Telcentri termination , My National plan work ok , But I can do it whit International Here is what Telcentric what to do , Can someone explain it to me and please send me scream shot , Thanks Please see Below Telcentris Information Provisioning a TelCentris SIP Trunk Information you will need • Voice Gateway: ◦ Use the IP in your SIP Trunk form to send and receive calls ◦ The Host IP for voice traffic is • Domestic Dialplan: ◦ All calls must be Sent and Received in 11 digit format ▪ For example, 8585551212 should be sent as 18585551212 • International Dialplan: ◦ Outbound international calls should be send without the prefix 011 ▪ For example, 011440205551212 should be sent as 440205551212 Configuring the TelCentris SIP Trunk Add a new SIP Trunk Definition/Node/Entity to your PBX settings and label it "telcentris". Please use the following settings: • Voice Gateway: This is or Voice Gateway IP address provided in your SIP Trunk form • Codecs: G.711u/a, G.729 • DTMF Method: RFC 2833 • Registration: NO • Send and Receive calls without Registration: YES • NAT: NO Configuring the Outbound Route in your Dial Plan Utilize the SIP Trunk Definition/Node/Entity labeled "telcentris" that you just configured as the destination for the outbound route in your Dial Plan. The Outbound route examples below accommodate for US 11, 10, or 7 digit dialing as well as International dialing using 011. • Dial Patterns: Identifies which of the following digit patterns to match and to designate as eligible to send out this SIP Trunk ◦ 011. - Matches any number beginning with 011 for International ◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - Matches US 11 digits ◦ NXXNXXXXXX - Matches US 10 digits ◦ NXXXXXX - Matches US 7 digits • Dial Rules: Digit Modifications (Prepend/Strip) to digits dialed as it is sent to the telcentris Sip Trunk. Send digits to the TelCentris SIP Trunk as follows. ◦ X. - For International, Match 011 but strip 011 leaving only X. it when sent to the SIP Trunk ◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - For US 11 digits, Send as is with no modification ◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - For US 10 digits, prepend with a 1 to 10 digits dialed ◦ 1858NXXXXXX - For US 7 digits, prepend with 1858 to 7 digits dialed or replace with 1 and your local area code • Trunk: Specify "telcentris" SIP Trunk created in your Trunk settings as the outbound path. Save and reload your configurations, and your Provisioning is complete.
  14. esivoip


    Yes i have same troble and special whit AT&T Mobile Numbers , i do not use the icall for National for that reason i only use for International , because the troble i use difernt Carrier to terminate National Calls . Let me konow if you find the solution Thanks L
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