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  1. I have done a new capture with x-lite. I am having the exact same problem with x-lite as I am with 3cx.
  2. I have sent you a link to get the CAP files. The system told me that that type of file is not allowed to be uploaded.
  3. Hello, I am using the 3CX softphone as a test phone from an out of office environment. (This issue is for one of my clients and I am their IT provider) This issue is occurring in office as well with physical SNOM 320 Phones. Thank you
  4. I have sent my logs via pm. Thank you for all your help trying to troubleshoot this problem. It is really weird how it is exactly 11 minutes and it is with 100% of all calls. I also have it sent to email me on an RTP timeout and I will send you the packets in the email now.
  5. I am constantly having the audio of the call completely drop out after 11 minutes of talking. It seems like the call timers on both sides continue but I get an RTP Timeout soon after the drop. I need to manually hang up both phones for them to disconnect tho. (Cell phone for external and softphone for internal) These calls are dropping on all phones including physical phones. Can anybody help with this problem? It is extremely urgent! Thank you all for your help!
  6. I am not sure if this is in the correct area of this forum as I do not know if it is a dial plan issue or not. I have a client that is having an issue dialing toll free numbers. I have contacted the ITSP and they have assured me that they are not blocking toll free numbers so I am assuming that it is the PBX. Anytime they try to make an outbound call to a toll free number we get "we're sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try your call again later. Thank you" The number looks like 1-866-xxx-xxxx Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? Thank you everyone for your help!
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