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    Grandstream Budget Tone 200 no dial tone

    Thanx I finally figured out the problem, it was the ip address that seems to have been the problem. When I gave the phone a different ip address it worked. I was able to log into the phone with the old ip address so not sure why changing the ip address worked, still to figure that out. My pbx server firewall configuration seems fine. Thanx again for the help!!!
  2. yemurai

    Grandstream Budget Tone 200 no dial tone

    Thanx for the response. Yes the phone shows that its registered. Whats the best way to check if its a hardware defect? I was thinking I can assign the phones tftpboot configuration to another phone and see if the extension will work. Is that the best way to check for hardware defect?
  3. Hi My phone has no dial tone. I can ping it and log into it, everything seems fine, tried switching it off and on again, still nothing. On my pbx panel it shows that it rings when call comes through and quickly disconnects, but you don't hear it ring. When you try call the extension the phone I call from from shows error 503. Please help me out . Thanx!