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  1. hy, i've tried what you advised, but if i press P1 then P1 and P2 goes red if i press P2, P2 and P1 goes dark what i'm trying to achieve is : - press P1 : only P1 goes red and it logs me in the Agent Group:689 (P2 stays dark) any clues ? Regards, Xinity
  2. xinity

    CDR JSON example ?

    hy, we use json for several tools and data are stored in a ElasticSearch cluster. i'd like to try storing CDR Json data in our Cluster, but first i was wondering where i can get a cdr json example ? any clues ? Regards, Xinity
  3. Hy, i have a strange problem, I'm trying to configure on my vodia PBX buttons for my snom phones. i'd like to use 2 buttons , let's say P1 and P2 on snom 720. i want to use P1 for login/logout in the agentgroup 689 i want to use P2 for login/logout in the agentgroup 687 this doesn't work for me, every time i hit either P1 or P2 it login/logout from both agentgroup. what i want is to be able to login/logout to either one of them or both , not always both of them what should i do ? Thanks for your help, Regards, Xintiy
  4. what do you mean by version ? currently we use firmware: regarding button profile, only the P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,10 are configured on this snom 760 P1,P2,P3,P4 have no specific configuration and there is no global profile applied Regards, Xinity
  5. hy all, we found an issue on our snom 720/760 phones, while we can use DTMF using the phone "normally" like #2345 this doesn't seem to work while we are on speaker mode is there any tips to use DTMF on speaker mode ? Thanks a lot, Regards, Xinity
  6. hy, we have several snom 760 and snom 821. on the 821 the button P1,P2,P3,P4, can be used to manage incoming calls on the extension registered on the phone. we failed configuring the snom 760 to have the same behavior. is there any clues on how to do that ? Best Regards, Xinity
  7. all right, i had it manually configured and it's working perfectly fair enough them, thanks a lot Regards, Xinity
  8. hy all, i'm trying to configure a polycom ip5000 with our snomone, but i failed i find a wiki here: http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php?title=Polycom but it is kind of cryptic to me, like the tftp folder which doesn't seem to exist on my snomone IPBX ..... anyone knows a simple way to configure a polycom ip5000 with a snomone IPBX ? thanks for your help, Regards, Xinity
  9. any ETA on this one maybe ? just to know when aproximately this feature will be available ? Regards, Xinity
  10. hy, we bought a snom vision connected to a snom 821 phone. we try to configure call pickup on the snom vision, while the BLF function works perfectly on our snom 720/760 for call pickup. BLF on the snom vision doesn't work for call pickup. we also tried the advised code (in another thread) *8 , but i doesn't work either any clues maybe ? the snom vision uses the latest firmware available. Regards, Xinity
  11. we are using as today the DSCP 46 markup, the data traffic does not have a DSCP markup nice test suggested, i'll try it for sure! i'll let you know Regards, Xinity
  12. it seems there is a missunderstanding "in my case i have control over my switches and routers." ==> i HAVE control Regards, Xinity
  13. hy, i've tried to decrypt a pcap file generated from our snomOne IPBX, at first all i can see is UDP traffic in the capture, no SIP traffic. so i tried to use this tutorial to decrypt SIP-TLS data : http://wiki.snom.com/FAQ/How_to_decode_TLS_calls_using_wireshark but i doesn't work either, it talk about the server private key, which i don't know where to find ... have i missed something ? how can we capture and analyze sip traffic captured from our snomONE IPBX ? Thanks for your help, Regards, Xinity
  14. i'll try this settings then, i'll let you know how it goes, Thanks for your help,
  15. thanks for your answer, that's fine for me, if i may ask a last question about this subject: - how to use G722 internally and G711 for other calls ? Thanks again for your precious help, Regards, Xinity
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