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  1. hi to be more specific i want to give my general manager a direct line meaning only he can access thatparticular line and also he shoulde be able to access any other line in the cs410 device
  2. hi i have a direct line connected to the pbxnsip how can i do the follwing scenario i just want a particular user to access this line regds hans
  3. hans1970

    wan port

    hi it seems to be workinjust one thing is ther a way i can mask the pattern in the dial plan like i call my remote office instead of calling 999 ext 150 i just want to call 150 and get the remote party regds hans
  4. hans1970

    did number

    seems to be working let u know how it goes excatly after testing it foe a few days regds hanumant
  5. hans1970

    wan port

    what i wold like to know can the wan port and lan port work simoulaneousl i have a senario i have 2 of these devices and i have 2 offices diffrent location i put public ip in the wan port and want to connect the two offices so that the see each other and users just dial ext toaccess each other is it possible regds hans
  6. hans1970

    did number

    ho i went to system /pstngateway there is tone1 and tone 2 for kuwait the dialtone is continous so how do i put that regds hans
  7. hans1970

    did number

    hi its has been days but i havent heard anything from your side is it possible also to fix this problem or should i forget about support regds hans
  8. hans1970

    did number

    hi i searched all over and these r the only tones i could find for kuwait <tone type="dial_tone" freq="425" duration="continuous" /> <tone type="special_dial_tone" freq="425" duration="0.4-0.04" /> <tone type="ringing_1_tone" freq="425" duration="1.0-4.0" /> <tone type="ringing_2_tone" freq="400" duration="1.0-3.0" /> <tone type="busy_tone" freq="425" duration="0.5-0.5" /> <tone type="congestion_tone" freq="425" duration="0.5-0.5" /> <tone type="warning_operator_intervening_tone" freq="425" duration="1.0-1.5-0.4- 1.5" /> <tone type="intrusion_tone" freq="425" duration="0.5-0.2-0.2-0.2" /> <tone type="number_unobtainable_tone" freq="400" duration="continuous" /> <tone type="intercept_tone" freq="950/1400/1800" duration="3*0.333-1.0" /> <tone type="line_lockout_tone" freq="425" duration="0.5-0.5" /> <tone type="refusal_tone" freq="425" duration="0.6-0.6" /> <tone type="acceptance_tone" freq="425" duration="continuous" /> </country> please tell me that these r the ones and if they r how and where do i put them so that the pbx knows the user has closed the phone and does not keep the line busy any help is much appericated regds hans
  9. hans1970

    did number

    ok once i find the tones where do i put them exactly regds hans
  10. hans1970

    did number

    hi i stay in the middleast(kuwait) and i have brought 6pcs of this device this hang up problem is creating a lot of problem as the LEC over here say this is not our problem and that it does not happen with any other voip pbx now i want to resell this product i m stuck as i do no know how to go foward is there something (anything)i can do in the pbxnsip that can shorten or detect that the user has hanged up any polarity settings or anything regds hans
  11. hi after setting up the cs410 device i have noticed one thing when person calling from outside disconntects the call if the extension does not answer it still keeps ringing for some time is there any way i can shorten this like i want the extension should stop ringing right after the remote user hangs regds hans
  12. hans1970


    hi i copied the file to the folder now how do i set it in the moh
  13. hi i dont understand what i need to know is it does not ring when i add the ext to the Behavior’s Final Stage canu u explain me in detaail what i need to do (sorryy im a layman) regds hans
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