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  1. Hi there, I haver recently upgraded to MidNight v3.3.1.3177 (win32) I notice the midnight events seems to be broken.. e.g. the hotdesking extentions are no longer reseted after midnight. Please advice... regards Fei Yu
  2. Hi there, I'm facing an issue where my Exchange UM feature doesn't work after some time.... Should I call the auto attendent via pbxnsip it would not be resolvable..... or call could not be reached... However, once I re-start the pbxnsip, everything starts working again.....hopefully someone can help the following are the logs i have collected: 9] 2009/02/15 11:00:45: Resolve 3239: udp 27408 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: UDP: Opening socket on port 49410 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: UDP: Opening socket on port 49411 [8] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Could not find a trunk (3 trunks) [8] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Using outbound proxy sip:;transport=udp because UDP packet source did not match the via header [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3240: udp 27408 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3241: udp 27408 [8] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Tagging request with existing tag [6] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Sending RTP for OTU3ZDUyZDg2NTFmNmNhMWVmOTQ0NzE0OGZlMGEzMWY.#543094b467 to [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3242: udp 27408 [7] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Mailbox prefix ignored because external voicemail in use [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Dialplan: Evaluating !^2([0-9]*)@.*!sip:2\1@\r;user=phone!i against 2222@pbxnsip.ipnox.com [5] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Dialplan All Calls Allowed: Match 2222@pbxnsip.ipnox.com to <sip:2222@tpip-p003s.trainpro-ipnox.net;user=phone> on trunk Exchange 2007 Gateway UM [5] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Charge user 1001 for redirecting calls [8] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Play audio_moh/noise.wav [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: UDP: Opening socket on port 49276 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: UDP: Opening socket on port 49277 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3243: url sip:tpip-p003s.trainpro-ipnox.net:5060;transport=tcp [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3243: a tcp tpip-p003s.trainpro-ipnox.net 5060 [6] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Could not determine destination address on 3243 [7] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Call 6d09b69b@pbx#20953: Clear last INVITE [5] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: INVITE Response 500 Address Resolution Failed: Terminate 6d09b69b@pbx [7] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Other Ports: 1 [7] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Call Port: OTU3ZDUyZDg2NTFmNmNhMWVmOTQ0NzE0OGZlMGEzMWY.#543094b467 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3244: aaaa udp 5060 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3244: a udp 5060 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3244: udp 5060 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3245: udp 27408 [9] 2009/02/15 11:00:46: Resolve 3246: udp 27408
  3. if u look at the thread..... I have been waiting almost 6 mths for an answer.... let's just hope someone.... is monitoring this thread! It would be good if someone from pbxnsip can give all of us some answers....
  4. Hi Guys, There is this annoying issue that has been around for a long long time..... The Scheduling of Conferences cannot sent Email to external parties....... I really hope this can be fixed...... its such a cool feature to inform external parties of conference but its Broken for sooo long.... It would also be good to have an additional field for us to key in What is the tel. no. for participants to call in to...... or additional Notes field to key in additional conference information..... regards Fei Yu
  5. Hi I have been trying hard.... to get the Conference information to be sent out to participant.... but I'm still not able to do it. Basically, the rest of the email alerts works e.g. CDR call records, miss call alerts and etc. However, whenever I try to create a scheduled conference, the email is not sent to my participants. I have specifically followed the instructions by keying in either ext no. or emails.... both doesnt work. Please advice...I'm currently using the latest PBXNSIP 2.1.14 regards FY
  6. Hi there, Most of the time a restart is not neccessary.....but a restart of the service is definitely required.... Is this a common prob? regards Fei Yu
  7. Hi there... I' currently using the pbxnsip version Version: (Win32) I noticed my server will experience one way audio perpetually every monring.... and requires a restart of server/services before getting it to work normally. Please advice.... regards Fei Yu
  8. guys is there a bug with this? Any updates?
  9. Anyway or anywhere I can generate a log for you to review? either on the pbxnsip or the xlite? I'm happy to do that
  10. hi guys, after much testing.... I find changing the settings to "Presence Agent" does not help either.... The status is online updated correctly upon startup..... any other time its not working right.... Please advice... regards FY
  11. Guys, I just found that by changing your SIP Account Settings -> Presence Tab .... 1) Mode = "Presence Agent" 2) Poll Time = 5 secs 3) Refresh Interval = 1800 Secs It WORKS!!!!!!! I have attached a screen shot.....
  12. Is it the Free Xlite client not supporting this feature? Do I have to use the paid version i.e. Bria or eyebeam to get the presence properly displayed? Coz I did as per what u mentioned add each other to our respective contact list....but yet its still greyed... We have no issues doing message chat.......but the presense just not right...... regards FY
  13. I have tested xlite with my pbxnsip for message chatting..... no issues... However, I would like to know How to get the correct "presense information" displayed on the other party? I do not see the icon change in xlite from something offline to online... regardless of whether the other party is registered or not.... regards FY
  14. Anything wrong with the way day/night is defined then? Please see the attached picture..... thanks FY
  15. HI Guys, I would like to confirm if there is a bug with phone forking on extensions? I'm facing issues where I cannot stop the redirection to my Cell phone no matter what was the state of the flag. Anyone from pbxnsip can confirm this? WIll it be fixed?? its really an important feature..... I'm currently using the following version: (Win32) regards FY
  16. Hi Paul... I have tested.... its still the same.... I have even checked with my ITSP provider.... they are on Asterix..... and they are using the RFC 2833 for DTMF.... but tis doesn't work.... Hope to get an answer soon otherwise nothing seems useful without working DTMF
  17. Hi There, I have problems registering to trunks after upgrading to 2.1.9..... This problem goes away when I downgrade back to 2.1.7..... However, I face another issue on 2.1.7. redirection to cell for with service flag set or clear have no effect. Calls are still redirected to cell regardless of the state of the service flags in extensions..... hunt groups works fine... regards
  18. Hi guys, I'm currently using an ITSP to allow callers to make connection to the Exchange UM . I have no issues with touch tones with other options of the pbxnsip's Auto Attendent. The following is my test....... SIP callers -> ITSP -> PBXnSIP -> Auto-Attendent (1000) -> Exchange UM Gateway -> UM Extension (2000) With this setup...... we can connect to the Exchange UM and we receive the greeting "Welcome to Microsoft Exchange......" but the DTMF tones are not working for the Exchange UM.... the autoattendent for PBXnSIP works. Hence, I dun think the prob lies on the ITSP's dtmf tones.......its between the pbxnSIP and Exchange UM that might be broken....... Option "7" on the Auto-Attendent (1000) re-directs to 2000 Exchange UM. I've review my trace logs and I can see "DTMF received 7" and after that no other of such DTMF acknowledgements are seen. Please advice how this can be overcomed... regards Fei Yu
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