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  1. I am using v5.1.2 and have problems changing a service flag that is secured by pin code. If a 4-digit pincode is set the sevice flag asks for the pin code. While entering the pin code, after two digits the service flag always tells me that the pin code is wrong, after second try it always works? Tried pin code of different length or different pin code. Is this a bug ? Thanks for any clearification... Rudi
  2. Can you activate the SF manually: Yes ex dial the SF: Yes and are you able to map the SF account to a button on the snom phone: Yes But this does not work is the Service Flag is set Day/Night. Thanks for any clearification on this...
  3. I Upgraded to Zeta Perseids (Win64) but still not able to change the status of a day/night service flag manually. What can go wrong here ?? Thanks, Rudi
  4. Thanks for the answer, but i cannot get it to work. Maybe it is a new functonality wich is not in my version ? I am using
  5. Hi Guys, I received this request many times from my clients but still i cannot give them a clear answer why it is not possible to manually change(override) a automatic service flag . Can anybody give me a clear explanation or maybe a workaround ? Thanks, Rudi
  6. Also funny to see that the 'increase' voters are members of Snom Admins/supportgroups. The only other voter (snomonepbx) joined one week after starting this poll and is very knowledgable about the product Just my opinion...... RudiK
  7. Seeing the poll results makes me think Snom knows more about the market than the resellers/clients/users Or maybe they are correct that the new system will bring less sales but more revenues (for Vodia) because of contract. :blink: @snom: And this is what the market at this moment demands for. The current economic situation makes that no company would like to invest in long term financial commitments like some kind of contract. That is the reason why selling (talking as a reseller now) the old system (PBXNSIP) was not easy. Companies did not want to pay the yearly fee. Since
  8. I was a shock to me to find out that Voida goes back to limited functionality at higher prices. http://www.snomone.com/versions The 'old' SnomOne Functionality and Pricing gave enough financial flexibility to convince several Small Business clients. What to do with clients that already received a quotation from me ? Seems that "One System All Features No Limits" goes out the door :( Request from a reseller (me): Please review options and prices..... Thanks...
  9. Is it possible that this problem (bug) is also present in version 2011- (Win64). For many internal calls i have two records in my CDR and also two recordings. My settings are: Recording default for this domain: Record incoming calls from hunt group: Yes Record incoming calls from agent group: Yes Record incoming calls from extension: Yes Record outgoing calls to internal numbers: Yes Record outgoing calls to external numbers: Yes Record outgoing calls to emergency numbers: Yes Or is this "as designed" ? What would be the right setting for recording everything, but onl
  10. On this forum the link 'snom One' in the menu bar, just below the logo, opens the website 'www.snomone.com'. This site does not seem to exist ? I suggest the link should be changed. Regards, Rudi
  11. Exactly that is also my problem !! Extension A calls extension B, after a few rings the call is forwarded to extension C. But extension B did not want to talk to extension C !! Two people have a un-needed interrupted in their daily business.... :angry: I assume the suggested solution of jano7878 would be the solution for that. I think this would be quite easy to implement. Maybe even implement an option to specify from witch numbers the forwarding rules would apply. If the caller is not in this list, the 'normal' forwarding rules would apply. Please implement..... Thanks, Ru
  12. Hi all, I am currently implementing a new Snom One Blue PBX (2011- Win64)and have a strange (out of the box ?) CDR logging format. Instead of starting the file with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> according to XML standard the example file called "93.xml" in the cdre-folder contains the following data ?? : === Start of file === TLVB c 1349258449.548 cid ,YjdlMWEzNzI4ZDVhMzhmNDhkYTkyM2NjMmIxNTM5YWQ. ct d d 1 e 1349258454.688 f +"Rudi Test" <sip:800@vijf> i ,YjdlMWEzNzI4ZDVhMzhmNDhkYTkyM2NjMmIxNTM5YWQ. o I p udp: r
  13. It seems that the forwarded call still has the original Caller-Number. There is no 'ReWrite' which should replace the From field with de Trunk-ID. It might be possible there is nu A-number being send ? This is really geting urgent. Please help.... Thanks for any help....
  14. After analyzing the SIP trace i see (Packet example): INVITE sip:01234567@sip.esprittele.com;user=phone SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-e065b4f437e49fcc77f4548dee2a3eb0;rport From: <sip:anonymous@;user=phone>;tag=39066 To: <sip:01234567@sip.esprittele.com;user=phone> Call-ID: d00454e7@pbx CSeq: 24852 INVITE Contact: <sip:07654321@;transport=udp> Supported: 100rel, replaces, norefersub Allow-Events: refer Allow: INVITE, ACK, CANCEL, BYE, REFER, PRACK, INFO, UPDATE User-Agent: pbxnsip-PBX/ Related-Call-ID: 78f6ccb
  15. Since a harddisk crash from a older PBXNSIP installation, i re-installed on a new system and am trying to restore the old configuration. I have problems implementing the following: Incoming external call has to be forwarded to external number (outgoing). Tried everything but call is not being forwarded. Testing from an internal number (extension), the forwarding to the external number does work. I remember it was some kind of security in PBXNSIP but i can't remember how to enable this.. Relying on your memory..... Thanks, RudiK
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