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  1. Actually that is the first thing I did when I experience the issue. I already activated and deactivated the firewall. (like you said I also did this because my previous experience,always the first thing I do, SBS2003 is sometimes messing with the firewall/internet settings). It did not solve the problem. Yes, multiple reboots, etc... When I removed the updates of 15-10-2009 (all) it worked again. Can you one state he/she succesfully installed the updates of 15-10 and PBXnSIP is still working? I can search deeper into it. My first goal was ofcourse getting it again up and running.
  2. I'm experiencing problems with a Cisco/Linksys WAG54G2 ADSL2+ Annex B router, need Annex B because it's DSL over ISDN. The problem is that the PBXnSIP server is via DMZ connected to the WAG54G2 and working fine. But I experience 2 problems. No external phones can register, nor on IP nor on domain nor on dyndns.org (while other installations work 1 of these or all). At strange moments (not particular a steady time, sometimes 1 day, sometimes 1 week, sometimes 2 weeks) no calling or being called is possible and the only solution is to power down/on the WAG54G2, which is annoying. (latest firmware installed) Does anyone have experience with this router? Does anyone have an advice which Annex B ADSL router works fine with PBXnSIP on a SBS2003 server (2 nics)? Thanks in advance, Ramond
  3. Hi all, Yesterday the updates from Microsoft were being installed automatically. PBXnSIP did not connect any more to any trunks. I got : 408 Request Timeout and 500 Network Failure Resulting in unable to call and being called. When I uninstalled all 15-10-2009 installed updates it was working again. Took me 1.5 hours... So please be aware of this. Maybe this will happen to you also. I don't know if it's Microsoft or PBXnSIP related issue. Blaming no one. Only reporting. As an administrator I would like to update/patch the server as up-to-date as possible due to security issues. Thanks in advance.
  4. Is it possible to include information of the voicemail e-mail? Now you get an e-mail with 1074.wav as attachment. I would like to include the following information : - Which trunk is called before come into mailbox - CallerID who called included - date/time included How can I arrange this? Thanks in advance...
  5. Poweruser things are indeed giving some performance gain. I would expect some win in performance in transcoding a lot of calls. But on the other hand I see not so much gain at the moment. Like PBXnSIP also said it's not mainstream yet so nothing is well optimized for 64 yet. If this is mainstream I think it will gain total overall performance. If your codecs are still 32bit or pbxnsip is using 32bit codecs the gain of performance is ofcourse not that much in that field you would like.
  6. FYI correct URL is now : https://www.pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m...ratingconfirm=1 I was looking for this document also
  7. That would solve it. On the other hand... why you need 64bit at the moment? I saw systems running 200 users and using some hundreds MB of RAM...
  8. Thanks. I did... including table.xml (FYI). I will check it out and post information here. Thanks in advance, Ramond
  9. Since a while (december) there are no new items when I check the web interface as admin and look into Status - Call Log. How can I re-enable this function? Thanks in advance, Ramond
  10. The only gain you can have is that running Vista 64 bit you will be able to address more available RAM to a 32 bits program. Vista 32 bit will limit 3.5 GB addressable RAM. With Vista 64 bit you will be able to address 3.5 GB RAM to each 32 bit program. But PBXnSIP will not use that much memory. At least I never saw it did consume so much memory.
  11. I don't know what happened but ^0([0-9]{8})@.* isn't working anymore. The user wants to dial : 020 5491212 (existing number) Has to be converted into 0031205491212 if an user calls 030 1122334 (example, non existing) Has to be converted into 0031301122334 Thanks in advance...
  12. I did what Rob said. The installation went well. Thanks for helping me out... really appreciated. Ramond
  13. Thanks for the tip. I will try that and post my results here soon.
  14. But I did before how you described it. I did not change the pbx.xml but I did change the ports via web control panel. That didn't bring me back my OWA ! I will try it again this weekend and inform here about the progress. Thanks for thinking.
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