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  1. Thanks, that is working better ! Kind regards, Rene.
  2. Can you please provide me with the PBXNSIP x86 version? This looks like the SNOM ONE x64 version... Kind regards, Rene.
  3. Thanks. Isn't this the SNOM ONE version, because I will need the PBXNSIP version ! And the path shows WIN64, i think I will need the WIN32 version...
  4. I am using Windows 2008 x86 Kind regards, Rene.
  5. I am using PBXNSIP and SNOM phones with firmware 8.4.33 (beta) and now internal calls are setup to the intercom instead of normally internal calls. On another forum I found this should be a bug in PBXNSIP and is exposed by SNOM firmware 8.4.33: http://forum.snom.com/index.php?showtopic=8168 Is it possible to post an updated version of PBXNSIP with this bug fixed? Kind regards, Rene.
  6. Hi Katerina, I have PM'ed you. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Rene
  7. Unfortunately not. I am still hoping for a solution someday....
  8. Thanks for replying. I understand that the assigned buttonprofile should overwrite the default button assignment, but that is my problem; There are some Snom300 phones with assigned buttonprofiles and they still have the default Snom300 buttons. So my guess was that the button assignment is not working. Please note that the button assignment for my Snom320 phones is working fine, only the Snom300 phones are not getting the alternate defined buttons. I have reverted back to PBXnSIP version and now also the buttons for the Snom300 phones are provisioned correctly again. Kind regards, Rene.
  9. Ok, thanks, that's clear for now. Still the problem remains about the Snom 300 function keys, they are not provisioned correctly anymore. Kind regards, Rene.
  10. Are you saying that this will be fixed in the next release or for now I have to create the link to the custom file myself? Kind regards, Rene.
  11. Hi, I have upgraded PBXnSIP version to the new version and now I have some provisioning problems: My Snom 300 phones are not getting the configured function keys anymore (the phone is not picking up the config) and also the TFTP custom xml files (snom_300_custom.xml and snom_320_custom.xml) are not picked up by the Snom 300 and Snom 320 phones anymore. I have reverted back to version and now PnP is working fine again. My PnP config is based on the DHCP option 66 and my Snom phones have firmware version 8.4.27. Could this be a bug in the new PBXnSIP version? Kind regards, Rene. PS: I have posted this same question at http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?/topic/4328-v42-first-update-available/ but there it is still unanswered.
  12. I know, but we are a reseller of IT related solutions and we also support the PBXnSIP software. For this reason I want find problems myself in our own network instead of onsite by my customers.
  13. Thanks for replying. This configuration was working fine with PBXnSIP (also with the Shared Line buttons) and it stopped working after the upgrade to version I guess that the working of the Shared Lines is changed a lot then... I will consider changing the configuration. Thanks again. Rene.
  14. I do not understand what you mean by this. I have provisioned the fkeys with PBXnSIP and programmed them to be "Shared line" buttons. All my phones have been reset to the factory defaults before they were provisioned by PBXnSIP so there can not be any leftovers from an old configuration. Do you mean by this that I should not be using the Shared Line buttons with PBXnSIP?
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