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  1. The issue has to deal with an incoming call going directly to a hunt group and if someone that is assigned to the hunt group picks the call, no other extensions are able to see the BLF for that extension until the extension places the call on hold or tries to transfer/conference. In short the initial call state is not shown for a call picked up directly in a hunt group. Please advise......
  2. Having issues with BLF working on incoming calls ringing into a Hunt Group. We are unable to see an extension take a call directly from a Hunt Group. You are only able to see the call state once the extension puts the call on exclusive hold, transfer, conference or any other call state. Pbxnsip Ver: (Linux) Polycom Ver:
  3. Are you referring to the Address Book in the phone or Directory list? Or are you talking about the Address Book for each extension on the PBX?
  4. Each account under the Domain only has one registration under it. The only thing that is enabled is for other extension to share invidual mailboxes. (Allow access)
  5. Having an issue on version 1.5.6 version and Polycom phones on 1.6.7 firmware version with the MWI intermittently not working. Examples are person is left a new voicemail and the light does not activate, or person doesn't have a new message and the light still blinks and can't be cleared without a hard reset. Has anyone experienced an issue with this and what would the fix be?
  6. Having an issue with voicemails being cutoff early in the 1.5.6 version, person goes to leave voicemail and it cuts them off and goes to message stating to "mark message as urgent or ect.." Has anyone experienced this issue with this version and what is the fix?
  7. Has anyone been able to get BLA to work with POLYCOM ver and PBXNSIP ver If so what are the settings being used in the XML files for the POLYCOM phones and what other oddities need to be added to the PBXNSIP?
  8. Having an issue with setting a service flag time sets up in 1715 version. We are trying to have the follwoing script in the service flag entry 08:45-11:45 13:00-16:30 18:30-7:45 for the day/night time set to work so that, the service flag is cleared during these times but for some reason on the last or third entry 18:30-7:45 the service flag never comes off of SET.
  10. I have also noticed that when a caller is placed on HOLD for more than 2.5 to 3 minutes that the PBXNSIP will hang up the call. I believe there is some kind of timeout within the software that drops calls that are not transmitting two way audio.
  11. When we recieve inbound calls from our sip gateway carrier it comes in with a +1(999)999-9999. What is the replacement dial string that replaces this pattern when trying to return this call through a missed call log? Basically we need to strip the + sign but how?
  12. We are using a Session Border Controller and there is no need for the media to be anchored in both places. We are seeing underuns on the PBX so RTP is flowing through it so how do we bypass that?
  13. How do you prevent all the RTP from being anchored by a hosted version of pbxnsip?
  14. Where is the XML file that we can change the start date settings for new day light savings time change? It took place March 11, 2007 this year and not April 1st, 2007. This is screwing up my service flags and call records.
  15. How do you allow subdomains to have there own music on hold sourse? Perferabbly Wav inputs. Never mind I figured out where the wav input recording will be stored.
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