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  1. Here are the steps I took to get my SPA941 and SPA942 phones auto-provisioned. All phones are running the 6.1.3(a) firmware. My PBX is running on a Windows 2008 64bit server. I first provisioned these phones under pbxnsip version 2.1.10. We are now running version 3.2. 1.) Posted the attached files in the PBX install dir \ html folder. You may want to merge the spa_phone section of the pnp.xml file with your existing pnp.xml file to not overwrite the settings for other vendors you may have already customized in that file. You will probably need to change the dial plan in the <!-- Dial Plan --> section of the spa_phone.xml file to suit your needs. 2.) Added the option 66 in the DHCP pool specifying the IP of the PBX server. 3.) Added the MAC address of the phone sets to the extensions - the Account \ Registration \ Bind to MAC Address field in the PBX admin for the domain. 4.) Make sure other customizations to the phone won't conflict - reset to factory defaults then continue after the phone resets. 5.) Browsed to the web GUI of the phone. Selected Admin Login and advanced mode. 6.) In the web GUI of the phone, on the Provisioning tab, in the Profile Rule field I pasted: http://<pbx server ip>/provisioning/spa_phone_$MA.cfg 7.) After saving the settings the phone resets. After a bit it should pick up it's configs from the PBX then reset again. You should now see the username and extension registered on the phone and in various fields in the phone's web GUI. There is much that can be customized and set via the template config files - ours is pretty default. That should do it. -b spa_phone_files.zip
  2. I just upgraded to v3.2.0.3144 and while it allows the addition of a port to a URL it does not allow additional paths in the URL like the global CDR SOAP field does. The URL to our SOAP service is http://localhost:81/CDRWeb/Default.aspx. I had to edit the XML config file for the agent group directly and reset the pbxnsip service so it would keep the change. I can now not change anything else on the Agent Group Edit page or it will clear those settings. Those fields should allow for more than just the domain.com:port URLs. -b
  3. Would someone mind posting their provisioning and dialplan files for snom phones? None of the installs I have done (Windows installs) have contained anything in the html directory. -b
  4. Can someone post the snom provisioning files that belong in the html folder? Am I missing something about where the provisioning files for various phone types are posted? They don't install with the pbxnsip software install, they aren't posted in the wiki - and I can only find some files attached in various forum topics. It seems to me the default provisioning files - xml, txt files, etc - should be posted along with the info about each phone vendor in the wiki. Sure would make provisioning new phones easier when we buy one from a new manufacturer instead of having to hunt around and ask around piecing the files together. -b
  5. It seems to be more of a reset of the phone - a really quick reboot. They seem to be random and not based on any noticeable events. I even did a factory reset on some to see if it would help - but no change.
  6. UPDATE: It looks now like the MWI is cleared because the phones are resetting. Ever since the update to 3.0 the phones have been having frequent resets. I have not noticed it on my phoneset - although other users see as many as 25 resets a day. I tried the latest firmware on the phones but the resets keep happening. Could there be some change from 2.x to 3.0 that requires a tweak in settings on the SPA-942 phones? -b
  7. All we have are SPA941 and SPA942 phones so I don't have other MFGs phones to compare to. Under 2.x though the MWI was working fine. This started happening only after the switch to 3.0. I will add the IP of the remote syslog server to see if the phone logs anything.
  8. After the upgrade to version we have been noticing our Linksys SPA942 phones have started having their MWI light randomly cleared somehow on their own without the user first checking the voicemail. With out the indicator on users are not notcing the voice mails they have because they cant see a reminder on their phone. We tried resetting the phones and the PBX server but it has not resolved the issue.
  9. I upgraded to v3.0.1.2023 (win32). We run the interface secure using the self signed SSL certificate. When navigating around the account listing pages there appears to be some element on the listing page - possibly and image - that is referencing non-SSL space. This results in the browser message: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?" Yes/No. Has anyone run into this same message? I imagine it would be something that pbxnsip has to fix in the code - looks like a reference to an image that has the http:// hardcoded so it will not load secure in SSL.
  10. I am looking to get an actual copy of those files - I can't find them anywhere and they were not installed with the pbx software.
  11. Could someone post the basic Polycom PNP files? Namely I am looking for the files that the pnp.xml file calls for: polycom_master.xml polycom_phone.xml
  12. We had an issue recently with our SIP trunk provider where some "routing" on their end caused us to lose all inbound/outbound call abilities. I don't know if the trunk was connected or not - but our DIDs did not make it to the PBX from the outside world and we could not call out. I need to find a way to monitor for this. Has anyone setup monitoring for various SIP trunk issues like this - trunk connectivity and DID routing? I would rather be notified by our monitoring system or some other kind of script than have users tell me that their calls dropped or they cannot call out or in. In addition our monitoring system could monitor uptime so I have ammo when pursuing SLA payouts.
  13. Yeah, or a way to turn off that prompt altogether would be nice as well. We have a custom recording listing the buttons to push. Then right after than the auto voice comes on telling you to push a button. We really don't need that. Do we have to replace that global wav file with a blank wav file or something?
  14. What about a Gadget for use on the Vista sidebar?
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