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  1. Ok this is what i have been doing.. still not working. hmmm i'm getting very frustrated. the server is hosted and i can login on the client web using the ful domaiin and password. This is what i am also putting into the phones. along with http://server-domain.com.au/provisioning/snom320.htm. Still no joy. what am i missing. Is there someone there why can have a go on my server and please tell me.. please someone help me..
  2. Hi support, I have been trying to get the auto provisioning to work on the snom 320. I have put the user@domain.com.au in the http client with the domain password with no joy. I have also tried it with the account web password. still no joy. I am about to pay for 2 hosted 100 servers and order more. Kevin nows me well. Can someone please help me or even login to the phone and the server and help me. I will not post these details i need someone to call me from our website. www.onecontact.com.au then just click on the click to call we have built. I then have to get this working on astra and linksys.. PS can someone please ask if Kevin got the yealink t-28's i sent?
  3. Connection is not working for me is there anyone with a step by step guide?? i can login to both the spa and the pbxnsip. I have tried to setup the trunk but feel i am doing somthing wrong again. Any helpers??
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