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  1. Hi! We're using your product version in Moscow, Russia. Domain setting "Timezone" is "Moscow, Russia". All is working perfect, service flags work correct, using different time offset. I think, it's hardcoded. This year in our country for Moscow was rejected timezone change from winter to summer time (were GMT+3 and GMT+4, now only GMT+4). Does pbxnsip consider this fact? I post this question, because I saw that pbxnsip doesn't use system timezone setting, using it's own from Domain or General Settings. Best regards.
  2. Hi! When I try to save configuration via web interface, I receive 0b .tar file and in pbxnsip logs: tar: Cannot add file because it would exceed the total size
  3. Hi. What is the last version of software I can use with my current license without any payments? What is "Upgrade protection" and why I have to pay moneys for software, that I have already bought?
  4. Hi! I have license for your product pbxnsip, bought via Intechnologies at Russian Federation, Moscow. Available features: Name: Intechnologies Type: PRO Mac Address: 00d0437b0f37 IP Address: Dongle Address: Calls: 55 Accounts: 80 Extensions: 55 Domains: Unlimited Attendants: Unlimited Calling Cards: Unlimited Hunt: Unlimited Paging Group: Unlimited Service Flags: Unlimited IVR Nodes: Unlimited Agent Group: 12 Conferences: Unlimited CO-linesUnlimited Trunks: Unlimited SOAP: False Barge: True Secure: False CDR: False Lowrate: False Recording: True Expires: Permanent I've heard, that after some version, you've changed licensing scheme. Now I want to upgrade my software (using 2.1.14) and have a question: what is the latest version, which I can use? Can I upgrade to without problems and keeping all functionality? Best regards, Maksim Kachalin.
  5. Trouble is solved. Some Linksys phones had parameter "Block ANC" = "true", when this happens PBX converting anonymous incoming call state from 'waiting' to 'ringing', but phone really does not rings - call is lossed, but abonent in panic, because he's hearing ringback tone in handset.
  6. Reproducable. All phones configured identically. I'm confused by this trouble .
  7. Hi! I have some agent groups (my company departments). For example I have AG with 4 static members. I've detected very strange behaviour of this and other AG, when caller have no Caller-ID we have ringing 1 or 2 of 4 phones, but when there is normal Called-ID all phones are ringing. What's the source of this problem? For info: all phones are Linksys SPA-921 and Linksys SPA-941. Best regard, M. Kachalin.
  8. In this case will I have records of incoming calls "from the world" which is through IVR connected directly to internal number ("...Please, press 2 to call Jonh Doe...")?
  9. Record incoming calls from hunt group: No Record incoming calls from agent group: Yes Record incoming calls from extension: Yes Record outgoing calls to internal numbers: No Record outgoing calls to external numbers: Yes Thanks for an answer - "Record incoming calls from extension: Yes" enabled, so recordings of internal calls in present. Please help me to understand how can I disable recordings of internal calls, but continue to record other calls from extension. I thought that "from extension + to external numbers = all calls - internal calls", but it is not.
  10. Hi! Please tell me how often and what exactly time calls statistics in agent group tab resets? Thanks.
  11. Hi! I have to make calls from some of extension (10 of 50 at all) like outgoing not from number that wrote in "Trunk DID" parameter. I can't use Alias: tel:1234567, because allowed to use only disctinct aliases (can't create 10 equal aliases). So, I thought to use If the parameter of the calling extension is set, the PBX uses that parameter as the Caller-ID. Having this as the first option makes it always possible to override the following steps. However, usually using this parameter is not necessary. from pbxnsip-Wiki. About what parameter there is wrote? What filed I have to use? Thanks in advance.
  12. Recording: Record incoming calls from hunt group: default Record incoming calls from agent group: default Record incoming calls from extension: default Record outgoing calls to internal numbers: default Record outgoing calls to external numbers: default
  13. System Status Overview Please use the information on this web page when you address the support. It makes it much easier to locate the problems. Version: (Linux)
  14. Hi! I have setup not to record calls to internal numbers (Record outgoing calls to internal numbers: NO), but recordings are present anyway. For example, I call to 100 from 200, both numbers - PBX extensions and after call I see recording of conversation in the folder. Where did I made a mistake?
  15. No, I will wait for a official stable version. Old licenses will work without any troubles?
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