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  1. What do you mean setting ring duration? Where do I have to set this for such a FAX extension? do you mean: Time until mailbox picks up is set to 1 second - I set it to 5 seconds, still no go if Mailbox enabled FAX This is normally set to 1 second for our FAX only extensions, as you see at screenshot in my first message. at "Administrator level / General/System" I can find one option/setting ring duration (s) which is set to 120, I gave it a try with set to 30 seconds (lower values are not selectable at WebGUI) - but this did not make any difference for Mailbox set to just FAX mode. :-
  2. Thanks for your reply/suggestion: I already tried that setting. It was the first setting I played around with, after we noticed that fax-receiving does not work. Default, After 1 CED tone, After 2 CED tone does not work with Mailbox enabled with FAX only - I did not try After 3 CED tone, btw: switching/changing the Switch to T.38 is not being saved at all, it shows the checkmark if I click save button, but after refreshing that page it is still on "Default". so I canged/tried "global setting": I changed the Switch to T.38 at Administrator level / General/System - there the "save" work
  3. running VodiaPBX v66.0/Win64 (build: August 18th 2020) does not receive fax-messages anymore when Mailbox enabled/mode is set to FAX only, Status of calls keep in state "Ringing" / looks like not answering anymore. workaround is to set "Mailbox enabled" to Enabled, but then even voice calls/messages are allowed to our fax-only extensions please fix and release an updated v66.0 - many thanks in advance. btw: in v65.0(.11) this was working as expected - so it looks like a bug
  4. good news - after one more update to actual v64.1 now "Extensions" shows the values/data at the "General page/section". one thing I noticed: the build date did not change - so it could be a little bit irritating in which version/build this is fixed. Probably you did not compiled new exe and updated other parts/files... so there was no change with build date. @Vodia PBXthank you @chrispopp perhaps you should update to actual v64.1 and retry importing your test-domain, in case of your issues could have to deal with the now fixed "not displaying values at General page" - Good luck! Gute
  5. I can see a TypeError: TypeError: $(...).erase is not a function I attached a screenshot - hope this helps you finding a solution/fix probably an issue inside/with dom_ext.js We are not using a customized version of this file! It should be in it´s "original state" - at least not showing up anywhere under customization / not at domain and not at extension level Any hint how to solve our issue/error? Can you please create a fixed build v64.1/Win64?
  6. I am careful with it :-) I updated to actual Win64 build as of today (Feb11th2020), but even with this version for typ "Extension" the general page/section does not display values (like account number, Outbound ANI etc.) looks almost like this page empty - other pages show their values. I cleared browser cache, tried different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome), even private mode. No luck - Agent Groups are OK showing values - but Extensions still missing the values/content. and we did not make any changes/user adjustments to the page/page layout. it should be still "original" w
  7. in v64.1/Win64 (build date: Jan28th2020) in our system the Extensions/General page/section does not show the values (like extension number, name and so on) - but PBX system including extensions is running as expected until now. Looks like the other pages to selected extension are showing values/content. I am just commenting this perhaps you have similar display/not display issue concerning your extension-values.
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