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  1. hi its extremely difficult at this stage. moreover its in production right now, and handling calls so im afraid its impossible at this stage. so only im looking for a fix to this problem so that this problem gets solved.
  2. any suggestions for the problem im facing ? softwares used 1) microsoft speech server 2004 RC2 2) dialogic system release 6.1
  3. Hello friends, i face a production issue with MSS server 2004 R2. when calls come into the ivr during many cases the voice prompts are not played to customer and apparently xfers out to agents. Speech Engine Services(SES) rejected the incoming audio connection for the following reason: SES was unable to accept the audio connection from <ipaddr> because the header could not be read. (Microsoft.SpeechServer.SpeechServerException). An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host (System.Net.Sockets.SocketException). im unable to get any details from logs wat is causing the problems. i appreciate any suggestions to resolve this issue. thanks jan
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