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    GXP2000 Questions

    What phones would you recommend instead of the grandstream? I think the polycom can handle a lot of lines, but they arn't quite as cost effective as the grandstream.
  2. Blinkers

    GXP2000 Questions

    So is it a bad idea to use the Digium hardware with trixbox, or did I misunderstand you? So if I were to have a receptionist with an EXT module, could they have direct access to all the incoming POTS lines by mapping the lines to the keys? Thanks! -Alan
  3. Blinkers

    GXP2000 Questions

    The GXP2000 says it has 4 line indicators, does that mean that if you have more than 4 incoming lines you would only have access to 4 of them? Is it possible to program the rest of the indicator buttons to connect to more than 4 external lines? I will be using a digium TDM403E with Echo Cancellation Module, how difficult is it to configure trixbox to display caller ID from those POTS lines on the GXP2000 (or GXP 2010, 2020) displays? Thanks guys! -Alan