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  1. We upgraded to 5.30 and the CRM option for Saleforce Integration is not showing up under the Address box. Please advise. Also is anyone using this in production?
  2. Can we restrict admin users to note have access to advanced setting? Also would like an option to just give only admin access to user accounts to provision phones and user settings so to prevent changes to be made to Agent groups and Auto Attendants?
  3. Can an Agent be logged into as an agent and have calls routed by using either preference from user agents, Random, ring longest idle first and then also be an agent for After hearing ringback? Though this may not make the most sense with the call flow there are some reasons for doing this but We want to make sure this does cause a loop as we have had some issues. I've seen other post about minimizing the number of agents to ring in the caller in Queue. For hosted would 9 be a problem? Thank you.
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    Thank you for the replay. Yes this was done but ended up needing to delete the chrome data - Android . Look forward to other features being added like call hold and transfer.
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    First of all, anyone with an android device should be evaluating the Webrtc client because it is really cool and a killer app support calling, call logs, contacts and presence. However after doing some test calls we declined the invitation for the browser to access the mic and now we are just getting media errors when trying to call out. We are still troubleshooting this with Chrome but if you have any suggestions please let know. Is there plans and if so when to support Safari on IPhones as that would allow a total solution to companies that have a mixture of devices. Also we are
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    We upgraded to 5.2.4, which is now causing issues with our T.38 faxing. The problem we are having is snomone one is getting a T.38 re-invite for udptl in the media but its’t not passing this to the carrier but instead Is reissuing a RTP/AVP media, which is causing malformed packets. We were told it was related to inband versus out of band. We were told that the 5.2.4a build may resolve this but we are running debian 64 and so we are finding a build for this. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. On the user web client, we have a customer with many extensions that would like to have the users listed alphabetically versus as it is now, numerically by extensions. This will allow the user to find other users quickly for transfer calls via drag and drop. Is this something that can be modified via the template? If so, can you provide the steps on how to do this?
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    Since we upgraded to version 5.12 and 5.12v, including doing a new install and an upgrade, the PCAP Trace no longer captures any traffic. It generates a pcap file but no packets are in the file. It seems like maybe it is trying to get capture from the Interface that isn't being used on the server? This is on CentOS and Debian systems, but for version 5.12v, it is on CentOS. Also If we do a pcap on an extension level, do we still need to run the pacp trace feature to start the trace?
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