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  1. I have a couple clients with Polycom IP550 phones. The incoming calls go to a hunt group. When a phone is answered the BLF lights do not show up on other peoples phones. Outgoing calls this works just fine. Is this a problem that can be fixed easily? These clients desperatly wants to be able to do this. Even the PAC doesn't show the person on the phone. Thanks,
  2. I'd like to request a way to restart the pbx service from the webpage. Sometimes I don't have full access to the OS, just the PBX Admin page. Having a way to restart the service from there would be helpful. Thanks, Rob
  3. I was getting this today. I had the polycom firmware files in the tftp folder. The phone would download and install the firmware. Once it finished that it would restart and try to get the config file. Get the error message. I renamed the tftp folder so it wouldn't look at it anymore and the phone provisions fine now. Not sure what's going on but that was my bandaid fix.
  4. No issues, I've got it running on several clients with SBS2003 and some new SBS2008 installs. No issues once you change port #s for HTTP and HTTPS. File, Print, Exchange all running fine.
  5. You can stop the WWW service, install PBXnSIP, let the service start on port 80. Then go into the web console and change the ports to 81, 444 or whatever you like. Once you change the ports and save it, you can restart the pBX service. Then restart the WWW service and all will be well. I had to do that because the service didn't start and the install would stop and remove everything.
  6. I have a client that has everything working almost perfectly. The biggest issue for them right now is transferring to VM. I tell them to dial 8ext#. When I do I get the vm message of the ext right away, then I hang up to get the caller to the VM and it continues where I heard it last. It should wait to start playing the message until the transfer is complete. I called and hear it on both sides - on the transfer side - "thanks for calling"... then I hang up... the caller then continues with the rest "I'm away from my desk...." This is with the latest version.
  7. I'm using the new one. I'll check out the old one thanks for checking.
  8. One the extention settings I put in 76 (the service flag #) and it doesn't show on the phone. If I use an * I see all the accounts, just not the flag. Might have to xml this one with phone config files?
  9. I wish the buttons feature worked on Polycoms. Any idea if that will ever happen? I will try to monitor it and see what happens. I tried it on my system and it doesn't show in the PAC. I didn't have time to try it on the phone itself, but I'll do that now.
  10. That's the idea but I'm not sure to pass the info back to the patton device to use the PSTN lines. If it was a seperate box, that would be easy. I need a way to tell the pbx to have it go to a different hunt group. Can you do sub-interfaces on the patton? Hunt group 1 goes to an ip of 4.2 and hunt group 2 has an ip of 4.3. Then I could create 2 trunks in pbx to seperate IPs. I have a support request in with Patton, but since they aren't familiar with PBXnSIP I was hoping someone here may have done something like this.
  11. How do I setup a day/night service flag as a button on a 650 w/ sidecar? And on a 550. Ideally they would like it to light red on night mode and off in day mode. Thanks, Rob
  12. I have a client with 1 voip trunk, (2) cable voip lines on a Patton SN4114 ports 1&2, (2) analog PSTN lines on ports 3&4. They only use the analog lines for incoming and DR of the voip trunk(s) - no outbound calls unless everything else goes down. Ideally they would like calls to go out the cable voip lines first, then if those are filled use the voip trunk. If that is down then go back to the patton and use the pstn lines. Is this possible using the same patton gateway? I currently have a hunt group setup to use just ports 1&2 for outbound. Incoming on all 4 ports works ju
  13. There is another PBX system that creates folders for each extension. Within each extension there are 2 folders - Voicemail and IVR. In the IVR folder there is greeting.wav or something like that. Just need to replace that wav file for that ext. and you're done. Very easy. Also easy to get to a users VM folder for backup or recovery. Or even to off-load it to a different location for archival purposes. Just a thought.
  14. This is exactly what we are looking for. A service-flag that could play a greeting before the regular auto-attendant greeting. The above example is perfect - Good morning being played and set with service flag times. My client is looking to just play "hi today the office is closed due to snow and all classes are cancelled". Then play the standard greeting which they don't want to change since it has their company jingle in the background. He wants to call the system, record the new days event and turn it on. Sounds like a useful feature. Even "HI thanks for calling, ask your sales rep ab
  15. What does the Conference timeout setting do? If they can program their devices to send keep alives that might work. Thanks, Rob
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