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  1. Hi, have you try the Night Service on the ACD, to sent all calls to another ACD or ext?
  2. Yes i use v. 62.1. I have try a new installation with one Softphone and it’s the same. are there a logfiler there can help in this case.
  3. Great thanks The pattern is: !([0-9]{10})!\1! !T!71 List of actions: action:cmc?value={input} action:goto?dest=71
  4. Pattern ? Did you mean OS ? - I use Windows 64 Bit
  5. Yes the DTMF navigation in the mailbox works fine. The message don't stop when i enter a digit, still repeat without pause.
  6. I have not change anything only upgrade from 57 to 62. The voice prompt repeat without pause, and the timer are set to 15 sec. I try from a snom D765 and from a softphone. Normal the i hear the message and then i have 15 sec. to enter my digits else the forward to another account.
  7. After i upgrade to 62.0 the IVR dosen’t work anymore. The message loop and i can’t do anything. i try to create a new IVR but it’s the same issue.
  8. Hi, did you have some specks and prices for this. best henrik
  9. Does anyone have experience with 3rd party Wallboard for ACD or applications that can show a queue status live on a windows computer Thanks in advance
  10. If you use the ACD instead of huntinggroups, you can use the function “Send daily CDR report to:” for both ACD groups. Then you get two e-mail for midnight, where you can see all calls for ACD 1 and ACD 2. this is the easy way to get the stat :-) best Henrik
  11. Hi, Have you tryed to change the pnp in the customize under the extensions. Here you can make difference password for each phones.
  12. If you want to use 3-party CTI for the Snom Phones you only need to change this pnp for the Snom phones under templates <http_user perm="RW">admin</http_user> <http_pass perm="RW">password</http_pass> It works for me
  13. After update to version .57 the Snom phones rebooting when i save the buttons. This is a big issue in that case, where i use the internal switch in the snom phones, because the computer there are connected to the Phones mist the network under rebooting and the application running on the computer are going down, so my customer need to reboot the application. Are there a workaround for this rebooting ?
  14. Hi, I have a setup with 2 locations, where all phones works fine on main location(where the PBX are placed), but on the other location where i use a VPN connection my Snom D725 prov. the PBX and i can make outgoing calls internal and external without any problems, but if i call the phone, the system say the extension are busy. I have on the samt location install a Gigaset Pro (UDP) and it´s work fine. Anyone have a idea to solved this issue... PBX version 5.5.0 64bit, Snom D725, DND Off and no forwarding. Thanks in advance Best Henrik
  15. It can be "Maximum call duration" setting up under Admin -> Settings -> General -> System.. Here you can change the maximum call duration
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