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  1. Hi, I have upgrade to V.65 and try the App for Mac and Weblogin via Chrome (https) - I can't get audio in my headset (it's works with Zoiper) - Under ACD i can't the the queue calls - If i use CallBack feature all calls are first in queue position -henrik
  2. Any way to provisioning a Snom D765 to v. 64, when the LAN provisioning dosen’t work?
  3. To info. I copy the files from Windows 10 to Windows 7.
  4. Thanks. You are right my 821 are 10 years so i change it What abort my Snom765 here the LAN provisioning still dosen’t work. When i use the setup, the phone reboot but still not provisioning, only ask for language.
  5. Hi, After upgrade to V64, my phone have to provisioning. I default reset the phone and find the phone in the LAN DEVICE under Admin. I press Setup and choose the domain and extension. Now the phone reboot but the phone dosen't provisioning like v.57, where the phone upgrade the firmware and works after 10 min. I try on a Snom 821 and Snom 765 with the same result.
  6. Update.... I copy the msvcr.dll file from another windows and activate it with command and then i solved this issue. regsvr32 "c:\windows\system32\msvcr120.dll" and regsvr32 "c:\windows\sysWOW64\msvcr120.dll"
  7. Sorry, but i dosen't work When i start the pbx manually \pbxcrtl.exe --no-daemon i got an error about missing MSVCR120.DLL on the computer
  8. Hi, I Can't upgrade from version 63 to version 64 (windows 32 or 64 bit) When i upgrade via URL or manuel i get an error 1053, when i try to start the services.
  9. Hi, have you try the Night Service on the ACD, to sent all calls to another ACD or ext?
  10. Yes i use v. 62.1. I have try a new installation with one Softphone and it’s the same. are there a logfiler there can help in this case.
  11. Great thanks The pattern is: !([0-9]{10})!\1! !T!71 List of actions: action:cmc?value={input} action:goto?dest=71
  12. Pattern ? Did you mean OS ? - I use Windows 64 Bit
  13. Yes the DTMF navigation in the mailbox works fine. The message don't stop when i enter a digit, still repeat without pause.
  14. I have not change anything only upgrade from 57 to 62. The voice prompt repeat without pause, and the timer are set to 15 sec. I try from a snom D765 and from a softphone. Normal the i hear the message and then i have 15 sec. to enter my digits else the forward to another account.
  15. After i upgrade to 62.0 the IVR dosen’t work anymore. The message loop and i can’t do anything. i try to create a new IVR but it’s the same issue.
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