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  1. No but will it be possible to create this functionality. It will be usefull for all ACD users if they can downgrade the maximum callers in queue on a specific time.
  2. Thanks Did you have a guide to make an simple API ? or Will it be possible for Vodia to add a feature in the PBX, so it-s possible to change MaxCalls in the ACD via a ServiceFlag?
  3. Nice. where can i find a guide to setup this API e.g. change maxcall for ACD 83 to 5 thanks in advance
  4. Greate Thanks for quick reply. Is this API for the Max calls i the whole system ? I need the API for Max calls i queue in the ACD Group, so if i have 2 ACD groups i can change ACD 1 to Max 5 calls and ACD 2 to Max 3 calls
  5. Thanks for your reply. I know, but i will be a nice feature, if i can change maximum calls in the ACD setup, not the whole pbx with a service flag automatically. Can i change the maximum calls parameter via API ? Then i can create a website, where i can the change maximum calls for a specific time.
  6. Hello. I have a customer with a issue againgst to the queue in ACD Are there a way to make a planned Maximum Calls in ACD? so 8.00 - 11.00 am there is 20 in maximum calls and with a serviceflag it change to 10 in maximum calls (11.00 - 12.00), so the supporters can emty the queue before lunch. After lunch the serviceflag change and the maximum calls are 20 again ? If not this is a big wish. Thanks in advance
  7. I got no reply on my ticket for two weeks. Are there someone else there can help me in this case. I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  8. No, i have tryed via the Windows App, and Google Chrome but still no informations. If i e.g. click on Missed calls, the list are showing, but still a zero on the buttons. to info i see the calls in the ACD Windows, so the App are online
  9. Hi Anton Thanks for your reply. I just upgrade to 66.0.3, but still the same. The screenshot are after some calls to the ACD 83. Did you setup some other premissions some where?
  10. Still no data. Did i need to start a ticket ?
  11. I have setup this, but still the same with 0 in all fields 1. Under ACD -> Edit/Monitoring “Premission to monitor this account” [The extension nbr] 2. under Extensions -> Permission “Manage agent Groups” [the ACD group nbr.] did i miss something?
  12. I have setup the premission for monitor ACD but i still no data on the screen after some incomming calls.
  13. I search after a option for my customers to see the queue status for the ACDs (how many in queue and waiting time). It was possible in v .57 under ACD -> Calls
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