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  1. Whenever I user * for the pattern and 100 as the replacement. It trys to dial 100 instead of the dialed number. Is there any workaround for this.
  2. The reason we are registering the fxo port is because it is behind a non configurable router that changes ip addresses.
  3. I have my Audiocodes 114 fxo registered to pbxnsip with extention 100. I was wondering how I dialout from that extention. I see options for "call extention" in my dial plan. But I don't know what patern and replacement to put in there. I want everything to go out my fxo port. I was thinking you put * for the pattern and 100 for the replacement. But it trys to dial 100 instead of the number. Any Ideas.
  4. mbates

    CS410 Problems

    CS410 W/ Issues: 1. There is approx 4-8 sec delayed in phone ring 2. I have 4 land lines and sometimes caller ID shows Call to: number wrong. Ie. If someone called our line 1 but from “Status > Calls” it shows as call to as line 2 or 3 or 4. This happiness about 30% of the time. Need help with PBX/Phone: 1. How can we configure Polycom phones to have access to all 4 land lines a. We would like to know when we call out to be able to select a line to be use b. We would like to have a dedicated phone line for some of our Polycom phones i.e. if you call line 2 it will ring that phone direct and it will bypass hung group or auto attendance etc.. c. We would like to know how we can give any polycom direct access to these land line(s) 2. How can we configure volume on Polycom to max level as every time you’re on call it goes back to half value. No matter how many time you set it to max. This place is a noisy so we need to forced phone talk volume to be at max. 3. How can I configure any phone to be able to pick up or listen a call or record any phone line?
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