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  1. Hi, We are using SnomeOne v5 on our feature server. The issue in short is the following: - I am able to send outbound emails directly from the Feature Server using the sendmail client. - But outbound emails sent by the PBX system itself (for example the email containing the CDRs) are not successful. This we can verify by doing a Test from the pbx web interface. I am able to ascertain that the outbound email isn't successful only by the lack of receiving an email and not by looking at an error log etc. Hence my question here is the following: - Any ideas why the outbound emails from the PBX system is failing? How do I troubleshoot this further? Is there a specific location on the Feature Server where I can look at error logs that would contain helpful information about this? - What mechanism does the PBX system use to send emails? Obviously it doesn't seem to be using the sendmail client because I am able to verify that sendmail just works fine. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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