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  1. Rob - give me a call at (339) 227-6171
  2. There is one problem I wonder if you can help me with. We try to recording all income/outgoing calls, we have problem with the file name and recording the dtfm input. According to Wiki (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Recording ), $i is used to indicate direction of the call (incoming i /outgoing o); and $u/$n are replaced with the calling/called party number. But it is not working in my case. Looks like that for the incoming call, it’s always use our public phone number as calling party. For example, I called from my cell phone (770-XXX-XXXX) to our public phone (678-373-4755), The file
  3. Jerry - the next pbxnsip training will be December 17-18 2008 in Andover MA Call me at 978-746-2777 x 513 to discuss
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