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  1. So basically it is not possible for us to see if a call is redirected or not. I do not see the problem you are ref. to billing wise. Basically we just need a indication that the calls has been redirected! But anyhow, it is s*** - as we are suppose (law) to offer this.
  2. Somehow we need and indication, that the call that is showing up on (e.g.) the mobile phone, is redirected from the PBX. Normally when you redirect one of these codes: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/SIP+Response+class3 are included in the direction info. This means, if I call the cell directly on its own number A-numbers will be displayed "XXXXXXXX" BUT if the call i redirected to the cell phone, the A-number will (do to the codes mentioned above) be displayed "-->XXXXXXXX" Then you are aware that you (with the cell phone) is paying for the redirection. So far we have been tracing in the files, but can not see any indication in the files, when a call is redirected. I hope the above made it more clear, so any ideas??
  3. That is no problem at all :-) My problem is just that (from what we can see) there is no indication that the call has bee re-directed.
  4. Hi, we have been testing around with redirection, and we have a problem. It do not seem the PBXSIP in any way indicate (when a call is re-directed) that it is a rediretion coming through. So plese, can any one tell me if PBXnSIP do (or do not) supports these codes: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/SIP+Response+class3 please advise
  5. We have been working with VoIP for some time now, and Sonicwall ara almost always the same as trouble. I know that Sonicwall says they can do VoIP, but at a partner meeting (we where once sonicwall partner) we where told, that they knew they had big trouble with VoIP, but nothing to be changed in near future. We use Zywall, and we have never (7-9-13) had problems of any kind with them (as long as you DO NOT activate the SIP function in the zyxel). Sonicwall is great for many things, but not VoIP. So if you want to avoid problems, stay away from them.
  6. I really need a reply to this one! We are to deliver the solution to the customer within 2 weeks!
  7. When do you expect to have a solution / beta?
  8. Yes: busy, idle, DND status & "incoming call" (is someone calling the person)
  9. The would like to use the PAC - but not the ID showing. The have a product similar to the PAC today, but without the ID showing But they need a software product to monitor they co-workers - what else it there to do?
  10. Any news reg. this??? I starting to be urgent!!
  11. Mac adress is simply just called "mac" Look here: https://www.pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m...kbarticleid=383
  12. Hi Matt, You need to add fields (or that was what I had to do) like this; type;alias;ani;password;web_pass;first_name;last_name;mb_pin;email_address So I will look like this: type;alias;ani;password;web_pass;first_name;last_name;mb_pin;email_address extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;101;;1234; extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;102;;1234; extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;103;;1234; extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;104;;1234; extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;105;;1234; extensions;100;69111111;123456;112233;106;;1234;
  13. Yes - sorry - It is HOT - so the mind do not work very fast right now ;-)
  14. Sounds like a very good idea. I understand my some people are against it, and it do not conern others who I am talking to, but at the same time, as a manager, like that I can see who may employees are calling/talking to. When said, just FYI, the "*" do not work.... We need to add that exact ext. we want to monitor on the PAC
  15. When you press extension you can see the extensions that you have chosen to see under "show in PAC" If e.g. ext. 200 receives a call, I can see who is calling him (the caller ID) If a outside person calls ext. 200 I can see the Caller ID of that person. and that is the fuction they want to have removed.
  16. We have been testing the software at several clients. And the feedback is: Nice product; BUT we do NOT wanna know who their colleagues are calling / receiving calls from.... How can we remove this function?? They only want to see presence state (calling, available, DND - and so on) but not details about the calls. We have just closed a 30 user system, and the only demand is that the "details" mentioned above, are removed.
  17. First of all I will adwise you to hange the port to 81, 8080, 8081 (basically just something else) so the search engines & hackers will not find it (at least not easy). I have my self had a lot of problems with it, but to day the PNP works perfect (we run a couble of hosted servers)
  18. What http port are you using???? (80, 8080, or ???)
  19. Any releasenotes or things I should know about??
  20. We are running newest ver. :-) There are still issues with the buttons; The issues mentioned above, happens when the users set-up the buttons them selves via the web-interface.
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