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  1. Can you give me an example for that? the problem is, that in the dial plan I don't have the chance to set a hunt group as goal. I only can set extensions for direkt call, but pbxnsip don't accept a hunt group number as goal for direct extension call. I don't see a way, to tell him, if you get a call from OCS to 555 forward it to hunt group 555, it always goes to trunk xyz 555.
  2. that sounds good, I exactly searched for that way. But how do you call internal hunt groups from OCS user. In my configuration it allways looks for an outgoing trunk, even if I call a 4digit internal number. I then implemented every 4digit in the dial plan as direkt extension call, but that does not work for hunt groups Regards Daniel
  3. Ok, but keep in mind,that the OCS edition is beta. I post that, to find out if it is a problem of the phone or pbxnsip. After finding the LDAP fact, I think its time to tell it to SNOM as a bug in a beta release.
  4. it the OCS Edition. I already found the problem: It only happens, if I use LDAP lookup for incoming calls. I don't know, if it happens generaly with all hunt groups, or if it depends on the number of mine: 0000. Is 0000 a problem for LDAP lookup in any way?
  5. can you explain in more detail, how the fallback works. I have a dial plan for a pstn-gateway with priority 100 and a sip-Provider with 200. If my PSTN gatway fails, I lost my call, it doesn't go to the SIP-Provider. Whats wrong?
  6. we have problems with the SNOM370. If we activate two identities on the phone and call them via extension, it works. If we call them via hunt group, the phone reboots. If we activate only one identity it works. Thanks coffee
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