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  1. Dear Admin, Could you please add the v4.2.2.4025 SnomOne version in a Mac .dmg file for installation? It is impossible to upgrade the executionable file which is posted on the wiki.snomone.com site. I am a SnomOne Blue customer and would like to update my SnomOne Darwin (3981) version to the latest one. I know that with a fresh installation on my Apple Mac server from a .dmg file after removing the existing one, then restoring the actual settings and then installing the email certificate would make everything work perfectly. But on your site the existing version in .dmg format still is
  2. As it was done in the past, would it be possible to post the Mac .dmg file for download and installation on the wiki.snom.com update page? The automated file that was posted does not work. It would be convenient to put the .dmg file in case of every update. Thank you for your assistance! Ben
  3. Hi. I am encountering exactly the same problem. Also tried Gmail as login and smtp-server. Nothing works: I cannot get any mail sent!. Please Help!
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