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  1. 320, but its the same on an 820, 360, or 370
  2. If the Recpt phone is the only phone ringing on inbound calls, and she is putting the calls on hold, line 1, line 2, and so fourth If she is waiting for the person to pick up the line, her phone doesn’t ring on another inbound call, the new line blinks, and the display shows the new call, but no audible ring if her phone is hung up, and a call is on hold.
  3. What features do you have turned on the cisco phone? nat enable 1 and nat address "public ip i'm coming from" ? do you have those turned on or off?
  4. Is anyone running a hosted cisco sip solution? if so, are the phones and server on the same network? i'm having a nat traversel issue... any input grately appreciated.
  5. anyone spent any time getting this to work? if so, what software? and any details?
  6. I just tried, *90 it asks "please enter the extension number" i dial "ext" it says, you are not allowed to place this call.
  7. Could someone post a ini file of a working snom phone. i don't think it matters what phone. i'm thinking this happened after latest firmware update.
  8. how do i import contacts into a customers address book? where is that feature? i see where i can add one by one? but where can i bulk import?
  9. I downloaded pac 3, installed it. i am running pbx ver . i have tried this on 2 different workstations, same thing happens. it loads the app. i set the login credentials. i hit login, and it just goes to a white page, that never seems to load or open anything. is there a way to trouble shoot this?
  10. Ok, so i reset the phone back to factory defaults. it still does the same thing. the phone won't auto anwer, and now, i can't login to the web interface on the phone. it prompts me for a login, and my extension doesn't work, neither does admin and no password.
  11. I am still having this problem... so does anyone have a fix? on the phones, i have ' answer after policy' always. enable intercom on i don't know what these settings were prior to latest firmware update. this was a very nice feature. Can someone please help?
  12. nate

    op manager or prtg

    anyone using snmp with either op manager or prtg? if so, any input on getting the snmp to work and read the mibs?
  13. I'm having a hard time getting the intercom feature to work on snom handsets. for example, extension 600, i dial *90600 it should auto pick up that phone. instead, it just rings the extension. Any one have any input?
  14. nate

    caller id

    Does anyone know how to change it so caller id displays name & Number, instead of just number?
  15. nate

    Time & Date

    prior to migrating the phone to sip. The time and date showed at the top off the phone. IT doesn't any more. Anyone know how to get it back?
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