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  1. So, I need to open a new ticket via vodia.zendesk.com to determine why creating a hunt group shows "account not licensed" ?
  2. To whom it may concern: We have a mutual customer with a Vodia PBX. Even though the server has access to https://license.vodia.com, any new hunt group created shows "Account Not Licensed". I have attached screen shots of the issue as well as the System Status Overview. To note, navigating to https://license.vodia.com DOES display a Certificate Error but if you choose "Continue Anyway", it does connect successfully. I am not sure if this is what is causing the issue or not. I also have installed the certificate but continue to get the certificate error. Hunt Group C
  3. We have a mutual customer that wants to setup VM to EMAIL on their PBX. The server already has access to SMTP.GMAIL.COM. I need to know how to load the correct certificate for this.
  4. We have a mutual customer, Bonneville 911, and they are trying to upgrade from version 56.0 to 60.0. The server has access to vodia.com and they are using the following URL: http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-60.0.xml. When they press SAVE, it is literally maybe 2 seconds and it displays "Software Update Completed Successfully" but even after they reboot the server, the version still shows as 56.0. Their license is: License Status: Vodia PBX premium 10 (Bonneville) 5XX-XXX-XXX-XXX John Woelz This post will not allow me to REPLY so I am simply editing the original post
  5. The customer has stated that he wants to keep his cell phone programmed on HIS extension form (EXT 1) BUT he wants to hear the personal greeting when calling the OTHER extension (EXT 2) from his cell phone.
  6. I was hoping you could answer a question for me. I have a customer that currently has his cell number programmed into the CELL field on his extension form. When he calls, from this cell phone, to another extension on the system, he hears the canned “1 to receive a callback, 2 to leave a message, 3 to connect to the cell phone”. He wants to hear her personal message instead. We know it is his cell number being on his extension form causing this as we removed it for testing, and he hears her personal greeting. My question is, how can he leave h
  7. How come I can no longer start new threads?

  8. Does Vodia have a "canned" version of aa_offer_cellphone.wav I can download? My customer's system did NOT come with one so they recorded their own. They would like it to sound like the other prompts, ie. the PBX lady's voice.
  9. I have a mutual customer that has their voicemail boxes setup to play the Mailbox Explanation Prompt after the mailbox greeting. The issue is, the first two options (# for more options and 0 for the operator) are the voice of the 'canned' PBX lady voice. The third option (Press 3 to connect to the cell phone) is a male's voice and was obviously recorded by someone onsite and put into place. My question is, is there a way to: #1 Have a 'canned' recording say this to the caller If not, #2 Where does one record a NEW prompt for this? Thank you for your time, John Woelz Te
  10. I don't see a way to attach files here. How do I open a ticket?
  11. I have PCAPs for a few examples. I do not see anything in the PCAP. It COULD be silence suppression but in the examples the calls are dropping mid sentence with no silence. Is there a way I can attach one of the PCAPS to this thread?
  12. We have a Vodia PBX v5.2.3. Quite frequently we are losing calls. I have looked at the syslogs of the gateway and the syslog of the PBX and in each dropped call example, the PBX is the one sending the BYE to the phone and the gateway. I did not find anything useful in the syslogs so I increased the log level to 7 and still do not see anything that is causing the PBX to send the BYE. I have even pulled Wireshark captures and these do not offer anything additional. Please help me determine why the PBX decides to send a BYE mid-call. This does NOT happen on every call. I have also compared lo
  13. Is there a charge for that? If so, how much? Also, I do not have a login. How do I setup a login to submit a trouble ticket?
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