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  1. Hallo zusammen, Gibt es evt. zum Vodia IO Router genauere Spezifikationen? Zum Beispiel über die Interfaces der verschiedenen WAN Schnittstellen? Mich würden sehr interessieren die Schnittstellen Fiber und xDSL , bei Fiber sieht es aus vom Bild her auf der Homepage das man ein SFP Modul einbauen muss . Welche sind unterstützt (Standard , Spezifikationen) ? Bei xDSL würde mich aus die Standards und Spezifikationen interessieren welche unterstützt sind. So wie ich sehen kann beinhaltet dieses Gerät auch eine Firewall. Gibt es dazu auch Dokumentationen was diese Firewall alles kann? Konnte leider keine detaillierten technischen Angaben finden zu diesem Gerät auf der Homepage (die Informationen sind eher Kommerzieller Natur auf der Homepage). Würde mich sehr freuen genaueres von diesem Gerät lesen zu dürfen.
  2. Hoffe das reicht so, musste das ganze noch etwas anonymisieren. So sieht das SIP INFO aus welches vom Provider daher kommt. A-Nr: 123456 B-Nummer: 654321 Öffentl. IP SBC Provider: Öffentl. IP VodiaPBX: INFO sip:123456@;transport=udp SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK00Bbfd90e32f58fab49 From: <sip:654321@>;tag=gK009bbd38 To: "Ingrid Bergmann" <sip:123456@;user=phone>;tag=1520336555 Call-ID: acd58766@pbx CSeq: 685572 INFO Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: <sip:654321@> AOC: type=active;charging;charging-info=currency;amount=15;multiplier=0.01;currency=FR.; Supported: 100rel Content-Length: 0
  3. ihr habt noch nie einen SIP Trunk gesehen welcher dies unterstützt ich kann euch sonst gerne vertraulich und nicht öffentlich ein Beispiel dazu kommen lassen damit ihr sowas mal seht Möchte eigentlich keine Daten intern generieren lassen wenn ich die ja schon vom Provider bekomme. Heisst das nun das nur intern von der VodiaPBX generierte Daten an das Endgerät übermittelt werden?
  4. Abend zusammen, Weis jemand ob man auf der VodiaPBX 56.0 damit man auf dem Endgerät die Gebührenanzeige bekommen was einschalten muss? Ich bekommen von meinem Provider für die Gebührenanzeige eine SIP INFO Meldung so wie es hier beschrieben wird http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:Advice_of_charge Nur leider sehe ich wie die VodiaPBX diese SIP INFO Meldung vom Provider erhält , die auch mit einem 200 OK quittiert jedoch nicht an das Endgerät weiterreicht. Übrigens das Engerät ist ein snom320-SIP Hat mir da jemand bitte einen Ratschlag? Unterstützt die VodiaPBX überhaupt AoC (Advice of charge) wenn die dies über einen SIP Trunk erhält? Gruss miguel
  5. Hi VodiaPBX Support Team, Any news on that ?? What's about your roadmap to implement a proper Diversion Header into your VodiaPBX? BR Miguel
  6. Looks like the Trunk setting Diversion Header: Default(RFC) does not work or at least it is not documented what then should happen. I did verify that diverting a subscriber to an external number (Call forward all calls to: "PSTN number") and debugging it with log level 9. On the outgoing call (INVITE to the SIP Trunk Provider to the PSTN number) there is no diversion header added, I would expect that there would be a diversion header with the diverting number and the reason cfu. The only header I can see it the In-Reply-To: header that points to the call-id for the first incoming call. It would be great to have this diversion header, reason for that is for example that in such cases there is also a need to display the right calling number / original dialling number to the diverted number. In this case CLIP no screening is needed. So and if CLIP no screening is enabled by the provider on the SIP Trunk this call should then also be billed correctly to the extension and this can only be achieved if a diversion header is present in the INVITE on the leg going to the diverted PSTN number. I hope that it clarifies/explains a little bit why this header should be implemented and working. I've found a post from the Posted 17 April 2014 - 06:43 PM on the forum http://forum.vodia.com/index.php/topic/7771-externe-rufnummer-bei-weiterleitung-anzeigen-lassen/ where vodia agrees that something is broken with the diversion header. Looks like you haven't worked out your to do list since then.... open issues since more than 2 years.... BR Miguel
  7. whats the case about you are referring to? not that I spend a lot of time investigating on that when there is already a case with a known issue
  8. hi , is that diversion header setting depending on the trunk type used? How should the diversion setting on the trunk be configured and with which typ of Trunks does it work? With Trunk types I mean: - SIP Registrations - SIP Gateway - Outbound Proxy BR Miguel
  9. hi all, Does anyone of you know how to setup a Trunk so that a diversion header is created? When a subscriber does a diversion either via vertical code or from the user management interface and someone calls that number that is diverted to the PSTN over the SIP Trunk it would be greate to have on the outgoing INVITE to the PSTN a diversion header with the diverting subscriber and the reason of the diversion like cfu. The are some SIP Trunk Operators that in this case of a diverted call would bill the call on the diverting number, but to achivie this there should be a diversion header. Your opinion and help are highly appreciated. BR - Miguel
  10. many thanks for your replay That's right I would like to have everything in one dial plan instead of creating multiple dial plans. I did it like you mentioned with an additional dialplan and it works. Afterwards I did the same with the Standard Dialplan, I mean I entered with the lowest Pref (Pref not allowed Pattern * replacement *) and it works to (but now all the extensions can't call out because of the match Pattern *). So that means that it has something to do with the match Pattern that it does not work :-( Any Idea why?
  11. Hi, From the post of the user Vodia PBX "Posted 23 August 2014 - 01:15 PM" it should be possible to handel this in the same dial plan without to create a new one. My entry in the Dial Plan with the Trunk entry "Not Allowed" has the Pref 1, I guess that the PBX processes the entries in the dial plan from the lowest Pref to the highest Pref, one by one and processes all that match a pattern. Right? For what are the "C" & "P" check boxes used in the dialplan? I couldn't find any description on the online documentation http://www.vodia.com/documentation/index Interessting is that on the documentation http://www.vodia.com/documentation/domain_dialplans on "Forced Matching" there is an example dial plan "Pref 101" where dialing 911 has the Trunk set to "Not Allwed". Why does my entry where I'm matching the extension 92 with the Pref 1 is not working?
  12. Hi Administrator, As I can understand it is enough to match the Account number in the dialpan and set the Trunk to NotAllowed,right? Of course the routing will then also be dependend on the Pref. I tried it out but it does not seem to work. Im still able to call out over the SIP Trunk from the extension 92. Test Dial Plan: 1;-;;92;;;false 3;+;;044544439*;9*;;false 4;Prod;;*;;;false
  13. Hi all, Does anyone of you know how I can restrict a phone so that he can only call 2 digits internal phone numbers to prevent that this phone/phones can call over the Trunk? In some cases in companies there are phones exposed to visitors so that they can reach internally employees. I would like to restrict that phones so that they are not able to call any other number excepted the internal ones of the company employees. Many thanks in advanced for your feedback. With best regrads, Miguel
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