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  1. Hi Kraken, Thanks for the document. Cheers Nalaka
  2. I mean REST APIs to retrieve details from a Vodia PBX
  3. Hi, Is there any documentation available for the REST APIs? Cheers
  4. Hi Admin, Perhaps you are describing something else. I am trying to replicate the behaviour on the Status -> Active Calls page on Vodia PBX Hosted 5.2.2c, on a rich client. Initially, there is a REST call made to load the page contents. However, after that all the data related to call statuses seem to be communicated over a websocket. I am confused as to why the onopen phase is successful and the onmessage phase does not get called, on my rich client. It is working on the webpage loaded from the PBX Server. Is the communication between the websockets (i.e. PBX server and PBX webpag
  5. Hi, I've opened a connection to the server using a websocket in a client agent and then I send request with the following json object in the body. - {"action":"get-calls"} However, nothing is received in the onmessage method on the websocket client, even though there are new and existing active calls. Also, there are no errors returned from the server. Default page when I login using a browser - http://<server url>/reg_domains.htm - The websocket connects to ws://<server url>/ Is the server url that I am connecting to and the json message correct? Is the
  6. Hi, Is there api call available to get a list of currently active calls? Cheers Nalaka
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