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  1. There is something strange then. Because when I try to remove the 0 prefix I added in my dial plan, I still have the same issue. The display of my phone says "Network Failure" with or whitout the prefix.
  2. Hello, I'm using Vodia PBX since some months and I added an 0 prefix for outgoing calls. So when calls ring on our phones, it's the real number which is showing. However, I can't use the redial button or the history function because the 0 prefix I have to add when I dial is not present. So my question is: Is there a way I can add a 0 prefix for inbound calls? Or another way I can do what I want? Thanks. David
  3. Well, it's the first time I heard this because all other PBXs, IPBXs I used don't work that way. I think it's normal to have a record on our phones when someone try to call us even if we miss it. Of course that person can leave a voicemail or recall us later. But it's good to know that we have the option to recall him directly and by using our phones history instead of going in our mailboxes and dial the number giving in the email. By the way, could you tell me where this option is? Thanks. Regards, David
  4. Hello, I have a hunt group with 4 phones provisioned. My issue is when someone calls us and if we don't answer, the number randomly doesn't appear on the history of our phones. This is really disagreeable and I can't see what the problem is. Thanks. Regards, David
  5. The lags are present when I press buttons on the phone, particularly numbers and the dial button, it was just an example. The lags last 0,5 sec or 1 sec. Regards, David
  6. Hello, After I did a provisioning of a Panasonic KX-UT133 phone, I can see that there are some lags when I try to dial. I have used another phone with the same model but the issue is also here. I have updated the phone to the latest firmware available, nothing has changed. Do you see what could be the cause of my issue? Regards, David
  7. I'm sorry, I don't understand everything. I'm not using a country code. For example, I'm in France so the country code is 0033. I'm just using 0 to do outgoing calls and it works. When I dial manually the number (006485782 to call the real number 06485782). So I can't see where could be the issue to do it using the call history function unless the PBX does not manage that option.
  8. Hello, I tried to find something to fix my issue but I can't see where the parameter could be. So again my question is: Is there a way I can tell to the PBX to do 0 automatically for outgoing calls so I can use my recall function properly? At this point, I need to look at my call history, to memorize the number which called me and to dial it using a 0 prefix. I just want to use call numbers using this history but with a 0 prefix giving by the PBX automatically.
  9. Thanks for your answer. Do you have a specific folder so I can create a complete topic related to this feature which I think could be really great to have? Because I can't imagine clients going on their own web interface each time they want to find a number. Cheers, David
  10. I understand what you are saying but imagine you have 2 different trunks SIP for one domain and there is one dedicated to cell phones and the other to do everything else. You want to have 2 different dial plans so you use a prefix to call cell phones and another one (or not) to call the other numbers. I don't think there is a better way to differentiate 2 lines, am I right? In my case, I have to dial 0 for outgoing calls. But if I receive a call, the number is in the historical of my phone so I just want to call using this feature. As I said, it's here I got the "Network Failure" error.
  11. Hello, My colleagues and I have the same issue with Chrome, we can't listen the media on the browser and we have the latest version. Can it be something else? I don't think I can choose the format of the media, right?
  12. Hello, With my last IPBX, I had a software which can do click2call option. It was really useful to call my Google contacts. I wanted to know if Vodia PBX has a similar option and if it's the case how can I do it? Edit: I just saw you have a webRTC feature. But to have the button Talk, I have to paste a code in my website. So that means I can't have this option with my Google contacts ? Cheers, David
  13. Thanks for your answer, that's exactly what I wanted to do. I though I did that but apparently no. Cheers, David
  14. Hello, I can't listen voicemails with Google Chrome (I just saw I can't listen voicemails on Firefox either). But I have no issues to listen when i'm using Safari. So my question is do you have any extension or solution that can help me to listen my voicemails when using Chrome and to not have to download them? Cheers, David
  15. Hello, In my company, we have the 0 prefix when we want to do outgoing calls. But we have one issue with history calls. Indeed, history calls on the phone are not showing us numbers with 0 before so we can't use the recall function on our phones, we get a "Network Failure" error. We need to dial the number manually. Can you help me finding the parameters to solve my problem. Cheers, David
  16. Hello, I have an issue trying to get call history for all extensions in my hunt group. If someone calls, the only one who gets the history of the call on his phone is the one who took the call. Is there a parameter that can change it? Cheers, David
  17. Sorry if my last answer was not clear. I want exactly the first scenario you mentioned. Cheers, David
  18. First of all, thanks for your answer. I can see how it works and it's so simple. But I have one missing issue. In my domain, I have a hunt group with some extensions, an auto attendant which told to press 1 or 2 to join a specific department and I have a mailbox. Today, what I want is when someone calls us, the IVR tells him to choose one of the two options. And if he choose the second one or if he doesn't choose an option after some seconds, the hunt group is here to ring all the extensions. If nobody takes the call after 10 seconds, I need to have the mailbox. And that's my problem here. If I choose in my trunk sip to redirect all calls to my IVR, I have the IVR and the hunt group working but not the mailbox. If nobody takes the call, it stops at the end of the ringing. And if I choose to redirect all calls to my hunt group, after putting in the configuration of my hunt group the IVR in level 1, all my extensions in level 2 and my mailbox in final stage, the hunt group and the mailbox are working but not my IVR. I can't have it when I try to call us. Is there a proper way to do what I want or am I missing something ? Cheers, David
  19. Hello, I want to have a mailbox for all my extensions. I have an auto attendant with a hunt group which contains 5 extensions. When I call my number, all the extensions ring at the same time for 20 seconds as asked but when these seconds are expired, the call stops. Here is my configuration of my hunt group and my mailbox: Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, David
  20. Hello, I'm trying to use the buttons part of the extensions configuration. So I created in the Buttons menu of my domain a file for my Aastra 6755i. Then I choose this file under the Buttons part of my extension. After that, I tried it on my phone but it seems the provisioning is not done. I tried to restart my phone but I don't have any response. I went into the webpage of my phone to see if the programmable keys were set up after the provisioning but it's not the case, the fields are blank. Like I said, it's seems all the modifications on the buttons part are not provisioned. Is it possible to configure buttons on Aastra phones with Vodia PBX or am I missing something? Cheers, David
  21. Hi, I'm at work and I have exactly the same last issue. I said it can't be the audio file but I can't think about something else that can be the problem. Here is my configuration in the IVR section of the AA setup. After I uploaded my audio file and saved changes, you can see that the file name can't be seen and I can't play it to see if the audio is not good. Edit: Everything is working now, the issue was the audio file. I used the tool you gave me earlier, converted my file and put it in my IVR section and the audio is perfect now. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, David
  22. Hello, Thanks, I did what you told me and, with a little search on this forum, I was able to create an AA just like I wanted. Nevertheless, I have a little problem when I call our number. The audio is playing a little fast and I have some distortion so I can't understand something. The audio file is great and it is in the right format, I sent him to you a month ago and you returned him to me converted. I tried it at home so maybe it's just about my bandwidth, i'll try it tomorrow at work. But if you think about anything, don't hesitate to give me a hint Cheers, David
  23. Hello, I am trying to use the AA for my company but I have two issues here. The first one is when I'm calling our number, a message told me to enter a extension number. I don't want this behavior and I can't see when this parameter is. The second issue is that I don't want to use a recording message but a wav file I can upload and I can't find the way to do it. To sum up, the behavior I'm trying to have is when someone call our number, a wav file told him to press 1 or 2 to join the service he wants. Thanks. Cheers, David
  24. Yes! That was my problem, so simple but I'm sure that if you didn't tell me the answer, there is no way I could imagine this thing could be the issue. Thanks. David
  25. I'll try it when i'll get home, i'll tell you later. Thx for the advice. Cheers, David
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