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  1. Cool, I did that yesterday and test it and the recording play fine but I set the redirect at 20 sec and the phone did not redirect, the recording was just looping over and over. Here are the step I took.: Create the auto attendant 150 and select ivr on auto attendant where I upload the recording. I disable the feature say "please enter the extension number"and the two option below it In my hunt group I add the Service flag account I created with the time and Night Service number 150(auto attendant) I set the redirect to 10 sec for ext 100
  2. Once these options are sselected, I will not get a welcome greeting?
  3. Can I use the auto attendant IVR without using the other feature of the auto attendant such as when you call the store the auto attendant is what you would hear first?
  4. I have setup IVR node to play a recording during our closing time at storess, one problems we have is we have a monitored security system and if the alarms goes off the Security company will automatically call the store to see if it a manager enter the location and the the manager would have to answer the phone and give a panic code. The problem is the recording kick in automatically as soon you dial the number once it is after hours, is there a way I can set this to ring at least 2 or 3 rings before the recording starts?
  5. ANdy, I am experiencing the same problem, what program did you use to make sure your file was 8 hz, 16 bit file
  6. We have recently install and set up pbxin our office. I am trying to set up an after hour greeting for our office , how would I do this? Do I create a IVR Code and add the recording and point the IVR mode to the night service? We are not using Auto Attendant at the moment
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