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  1. The issue I see here is that and extension BLF on v60.x will not pickup a ringing phone if it is in a hunt group or agent group. Older versions were able to do this. To me this simply makes sense, if I want to pickup a ringing phone I should be able to regardless of it being in a hunt group or agent group. Lets use a Snom D725 as an example. I can see this being problematic if all my buttons are used for BLF and I have multiple hunt groups or agent groups. In older versions if an extension was in a hunt group and you had that extension as a BLF on your phone you could pickup the extension. In v60.x this does not work. I know I can remove some of the BLF buttons and make them a hunt group but I would have to give up some of my BLF buttons to make room for hunt group buttons. Is it not possible to keep the old BLF behavior in v60.x?
  2. In v60.0.1 when saving a dial plan as global = yes the system indicates that the dial plan has been saved as global but if you go back into the dial plan it shows global = no. The dial plan still saved as global so you can still use it. The problem that can happen is that if you go back into a dial plan that was set to global = yes to make a change it displays a global = no so when you save it it saves as a non-global dial plan. Here I created a dial plan and set it to global = yes and save it. I can see the dial plan globally in all domains. Here I went back in to edit the dial plan. As you can see it shows global = no. If you save this dial plan after you make changes it is saved as global = no. When I edit the dial plan that was saved as global = yes and go back to edit it it should display global = yes. If I go back into a domain the dial plan is no longer in the list of dial plans. I imagine changing a dial plan that it being used globally to not being used globally could cause some serious issues.
  3. In v60.0.1 what does "Fixed" do in the button config?
  4. I noticed in v60.0.1 that your are required to enter both a first and last name for an extension. It seems to me that it would be better to only require one or the other or frankly neither. Often times we give phones functional names rather then a first and last name or the customer only wants to have there first name. Requiring both first and last name prevents this use case. Please consider switching back to the way it was on previous version where you did not need to enter a name.
  5. V60.0.1 on Centos I have noticed that MOH files that are restricted to a single domain are still visible in other domains. I uploaded a MOH to a domain from the menu "Features | Music on Hold" In the System Level under "Customize|Music on hold" it shows that the file is assigned to the domain but the file is still visible in all domains on the system. Music on Hold at the system level
  6. Version 59.0 on Centos. Using Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit) I noticed that when I change "Play announcement tone" to "no" on a page group and save it the system says the change is saved but when I exit the page group and that go back to it the setting reverts to yes. The tone still plays. Would it also be possible to have two setting? One for the tone at the start of the page and one at the end of the page. Seems more versatile to be able to turn them on/off independently of each other. Maybe the drop down can have Yes No Start tone only End tone only
  7. PBX version 59.0. I have some page groups setup that page phones. The phones are Yealink but I think this happens on our Snom phones as well. Can a feature be added like in a hung group to not have the call be flagged as a missed call?
  8. The "model=snom360" tells the system what model the phone is.
  9. I think this is a known issue. I know it is an issue in version 59.0 and do not know if any newer versions fix this problem. The PBX does not know that 80:5E:C0 is the OUI for a Yealink phone so it does not know which RPS to send the MAC address to. You can manually enter the provisioning URL into the phone as you did. I have been logging into the Yealink RPS and manually adding the phone. As far as I know the only solution is to upgrade the PBX to a version that has this bug fixed.
  10. The Yealink conference phone and DECT phones work with version 58.0. I am installing both on a job right now. The conference phone has a different new MAC OUI of 80:5E:C0 where as the phones have OUI 00:15:65. Because of the new OUI for the conference phone the Vodia server will not auto update the Yalink redirection server so you will need to manually add the MAC of the conference phone to the Yealink redirection server until Vodia release an update that fixed this issue. You would also have to manually upgrade the firmware on the conference phone until Vodia releases an update to fix this issue. It would be great if we could just add new phone models ourselves. Perhaps as a feature enhancement this can be added. It seems a little silly that I have to upgrade my server just to add a new model of phone.
  11. The blog posting about blocking SPAM, robocalls and anonymous calls using TrueCNAM says it is only available on the hosted platform? http://blog.vodia.com/search?q=spam Does this refer to the hosted platform that Vodia offers or can I use it on my cloud hosted servers?
  12. Please consider making the login page more customizable. Especially getting rid of that huge picture that does not seem to have any real purpose.
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