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  1. We disable the http protocol for safety (there was nothing instead of 80) After handing over 80 of the http protocol, you come to play the sound. Is it done there another solution? Can I delete records automatically? (30 days for example) The possibilter create an account that will accede that recordings? Thank you in advance
  2. For safety we have nothing to remove the 80 in the http option to force https. by giving 80 http, the sound is played but the security level is low If we want to keep a history of 30 days for example, how is it done? thank you back HTTP* Help Port HTTP: Port HTTPS: 443 Nombre maximum de connexions HTTP par seconde: 5 Nombre maximum de connexions HTTP: 500
  3. Hello everyone, We buy license Call Recording incoming and outgoing calls are displayed from the interface but can not read them since firefox and chrome ... Can we create a user account only to call recording? Best regards Mirko
  4. Thank for the return!!!!
  5. Hi I have a 5.2.6 VODIA (debian64) My list access, I have the ip of the trunk / 32 and the wan link / 32. I have a rule block but remains accesible from all the world ... if I return the rule, all connections are closed and you have to reboot to regain control. return thank you. cordially
  6. Thank you for your reply, Is the problem may be with the CPU timer? I saw on some forum that has to be a 1000Hz instead of 100hz. best regards
  7. Good Evening, I try to install a vm snomone and ct (Proxmox VE 3.3 64-bit) but I have a delay of 2 seconds during a call. Promox the server and the trunk are at the same operator. Do you have a return? Best Regards
  8. Hello, I want to install the latest version of snomone a raspberry b+, if a person would have a url link to the ARM processor and how many phones can connect? Thank you
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