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  1. colink

    408 error

    Just upgraded a customers Snomone to the latest version as it was having issues and on restart it gets these same 408 errors. So that's two customers now who are having these 408 issues and trunks refusing to registers. First customer is using a BT line and a SIP account for VoipUnlimited Second customers is using a Spitfire Line and SIP account from Spitfire. both are using totally different DNS servers. this means ive got customers with out phones for days on end and is causing lots and lots of issues. All fingers are being pointed at it being a fault with the PBX software. what are we to do ? Cheers Colin.
  2. colink

    408 error

    How you you recommend testing of the DNS servers outside of the PBX ? on the host machine DNS seems to work just fine. Using both the ISP's DNS and also Googles and OpenDNS.
  3. colink

    408 error

    im also seeing a few errors reading Could not find packet with number not sure what these are. Cheers.
  4. colink

    408 error

    Have a customer who is getting lots of 408 errors on their trunk. i have other customers on the same SIP provider who don't seem to have the same errors. Version: 2011- (Linux) Created on: Jun 27 2011 12:40:10 License Status: snom ONE free License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Extensions: 5/10 Accounts: 10/30 Upgrade: 01 01 2013 Working Directory: /usr/local/snomONE MAC Addresses: 001CC0E0959E Calls: 0/0 (CDR: 33/32/33) 0/0 Calls SIP packet statistics: Tx: 81 Rx: 59 Emails: Successful sent: 0 Unsuccessful attempts: 0 Available file system space: 92% Uptime: 2011/7/28 15:01:17 (uptime: 0 days 00:06:26) (8193 9847744-0) WAV cache: 0 Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=0, HTTP=2 the error i get is [2] 2011/07/28 14:55:23: Trunk status Voip Unlimited (2) changed to "408 Request Timeout" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds) Sometime this rights itself but today this has been going on for some hours. Any advice ?
  5. Just to be clear. the goal was not to change hardware, we were only making use of an old server as we thought it would make the upgrade easier. we have now cloned the server and have a decent back up. so the question now do we need to upgrade in steps or can we go straight to the latest version ?
  6. Hi Support. we have an issue. When we select to back up the configuration from the PBXnSIP. it produces a tar file of 0kbs. on the other systems where i tried the same process the file is always 500-600kbs. so it seems we cannot take that path. is it ok to upgrade the PBXnSIP in place to SnomONE ? its currently running PBXnSIP would we have to upgrade in stages or could we just go straight to the latest release ? Cheers C.
  7. Hi All. Assisting a customer who has an old PBXnSIP server and they are looking to upgrade to SnomOne Blue. They already have thier Snom license and are all ready to migrate. Current server is Mac Mini OSX 10.5.8 Intel C2D Running PBXnSIP 20 Extensions. New server is Mac Mini OSX 10.5.8 Intel C2D (so the hardware is identical) Idealy what the customer would like us to do is... Keep the current server as is Setup the new Server and Install SnomOne. transfer all accounts/Voice mail/Hunt groups etc from odl to new server. switch off old and switch on new. keeping the old server as backup in case the migration is not smooth. are there any written instructions for migrating servers ? Would i have to upgrade the old server first ? any advice ? Cheers Colin.
  8. Any updates on this one. got two customers who are reporting no incoming calls every other day.
  9. We have two customers having the same issue. one is using Google and other is using the ISP's DNS servers.
  10. We are using the Google DNS servers and i can change these to the SIP providers in house DNS servers to see if that make a differance. Cheers C.
  11. Hi Kat. is there any where i can monitor for new versions patches ? this was the first thing i checked but it not obvious that the version on the wiki is.
  12. Happened again this morning. Trunk shows as registered and out going calls are fine Incoming calls fail until such time as i manually reset the trunk. SIP provider (as i have already posted) are pointing the finger directly at Snom and suggesting its your PBX that is the culprit. any chance of a response to my comments above ?
  13. Just pressed the voip supplier for some more info and they said The information I had was that Snom has already released a patch for this, I would suggest taking this further with Snom..
  14. Hi. this happened this morning. incomming calls stopped and when i tried to call the system there where no INVITE requests reaching the log. when i disabled and then re-enabled the trunk it all started working and i could see [5] 2011/05/24 09:08:00: INVITE Response 487 Request Terminated: Terminate f7c48a14@pbx in the logs. However after much dispute with our sip provider they final admitted this Just realised we are in the middle of inter-op with Snom so we are not 100% on this yet, particular issues have already been logged with us confirming a Snom registration error and there should be a patch out for this. So its seem out SIP provider and SNOM PBX are not compatible. i wasted so much time and had so much ill will from my customers over this issue its unreal. Do you know of this patch to which they refer ? when are we likely to see it.
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