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  1. What is the default list size on the user page? I would like to keep the call log for as long as possible. I would like to be able to go into a users page and view the call log list going back like 90 days for example. is this possible? Also, i have my cdr's going to a csv, but for some reason it isn't showing the transfered calls. Any ideas? Joso
  2. Hi, I am using the latest version of pbxnsip and found something really weird. The president would call my internal extension from his internal extension (300 to 333) and he receives the auto attendant saying “to receive a callback when the ext becomes available, .....), but when he calls into the office from a cell phone, the receptionist redirects him to my ext 333, a different AA comes on with my name greeting. Shouldn’t everything be the same? Also, i have seen numerous times, people’s voicemail greeting they made disappearing and they have to recreate it. Any ideas on what is going on? Am i missing something? Joso
  3. i have setup multiple vlan's on my dell layer 3 switches internally. Multiple subnet's reside such as 192.168.2.x, 192.168.5.x and 192.168.6.x. the pbxnsip server sits at For testing, i set a port to use vlan 6 (192.168.6.x) and hooked up a snom 320 to it. the dhcp 66 option is set at on vlan 6. I reset the phone and it picks up a address just fine, but i get a prov.request when trying to provision. if the phone was on any subnet other than the pbxnsip server's subnet it would not provision. i even move the pbxnsip server to and then it worked again. I also have xlite softphone users on several different subnets and it takes a while to register with pbxnsip and when it does, i get one way audio. Does the pbxnsip server have to be on the same vlan as all the phones? what do i have to do to make this work? Joso
  4. In version i have had a couple of users say they received an email with a voicemail but when they checked the voicemail on the phone by calling their extension, there is no message. I think this was a bug in this version. Maybe pbxnsip can clarify if this has to do with the "Race condition" bug found in this version.
  5. Did you happen to transfer the voicemail to another mailbox? I have experienced an issue were i transfer a voicemail from my mailbox to someone else's mailbox, yet the MWI is flashing on my snom phone and the mailbox says there is no message.
  6. I was able to fix this issue by disabling "Disconnect on Broken Connection" within the audicodes. no disconnects anymore. Thanks
  7. although when using xlite or polycom phones, i don't get disconnecte dwhen i call my cell phone and press mute.
  8. This only happens when with a call to the outside like a cell phone. when calling another snom phone internally, it is fine. the snom phone reports this in the log: [5]30/4/2009 11:47:30: Dialog 7/8 going to trying [5]30/4/2009 11:47:30: Dialog 7/8 going to early [5]30/4/2009 11:47:33: Dialog 7/8 going to confirmed [5]30/4/2009 11:47:55: Dialog 7/8 going to terminated [5]30/4/2009 11:47:56: timeout::callback: Registering with timeout of 0 ms [5]30/4/2009 11:48:17: Settings applied! [2]30/4/2009 11:48:33: Registered at registrar as 321@localhost (Expires: 179 secs) this is what my audiocodes is reporting: 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_psbrdex)(375420 ) recv <-- acEV_BROKEN_CONNECTION, Ch:2 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375421 ) #2:RTP_BROKEN_CONNECTION_EV 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375422 ) | #2:RTP_BROKEN_CONNECTION_EV 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375423 ) | #2:MANUAL_DISCONNECT_CALL_EV (send) : (f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375424 ) | | #2:MANUAL_DISCONNECT_CALL_EV:(f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375425 ) | | #2:Call changing states from:ConnectedState to:DisconnectingState 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375426 ) | | #2:RELEASE_EV:(f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375427 ) | | #2:Call changing states from:DisconnectingState to:DisconnectingState 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375428 ) | | #2:RELEASE_ACK_EV:(f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375429 ) | | | #2:RELEASE_EV(f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375430 ) | |(SIPTU#1)DISCONNECT_REQ State:Connected(f0c802a0@pbx) 11d:14h:37m:6s ( lgr_flow)(375431 ) ---- Outgoing SIP Message to from SIPInterface #0 ---- I will get the wireshark trace, although i am seeing alot of "UDP Checksum errors" in wireshark at the moment is this normal?
  9. i am having the same issue and it seems it has to do with snom, since my 2 polycoms conference phones work just fine. i too have an audiocodes gateway. The snom disconnects after 10 seconds. Does anyone else have an idea? Joso
  10. I have a snom 360 for Reception and would like to add a snom 320 to the same extension for the receptionist so i can put it in another location. i am using the version which i heard supports multiple mac address for binging. When i add the second mac address and click save, it disappears. only the first mac address stays. is there something i am doing wrong. I put in MAC MAC, in upper case within the field. Joso
  11. pbxnsip, if you mean network bandwidth, i am pretty sure we have plenty. I also have 2 polycom conference phones ip 6000 and ip 7000 and they do the same thing, (2 parties sounding distant) mattlandis, i will try your suggestion. Thanks! i am hoping to find what the issue is.
  12. Maybe someone might know about what happens when 2 outside callers join the conference. Is this a getway thing to join the callers or PBXNSIP? or is it the snom phone that joins them? Thanks Joso
  13. Hi there, we have a sidecar for the snom 360. I have set the buttons to BLF in pbxnsip so reception can transfer the call by hitting the button or she can monitor the extension if it lights up when in use. the 2 issues i have with the sidecar is: 1. occasionally when hitting the person's extension, it routes to another extension instead. (this does not occur when entering the extension manually. 2. When a user hits DND on their phone, the BLF on the reception sidecar button lights up for 5 sec and dissappears, it needs to stay lit. Any help would be appreciated. Joso
  14. Hi there, I've been told be a couple of colleagues with snom 320's that when they conference call the 3rd party in, the sound degrades and the 2 callers on line 1 and 2 say they sound distant from eachother and also distorted. I was also told that when they use the speakerphone with 1 caller on line 1, it sounds fine. It only happens when the 3rd person comes on. I am trying to determine if this is a snom, pbxnsip or audiocodes issue. Any help is appreciated! Joso
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