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  1. Hi Guys. Tell please, can we provision GS phones GXP1628 with vodiaPBX? If yes, then what minimal version of vodia we need?
  2. In my case, no problem with creating through the csv, but modifying extensions is not work for me in any variant of csv.
  3. Thank you for quick reply, but issue still exists, as it was. Task is to add dialog_subscribe entry to existing extensions, i tried your csv and my: type,alias,dialog_subscribe extensions,4001,4002 4003 4004 not works.
  4. "Import" extension with: type;alias;ani;password;web_pass;first_name;display_name;mb_pin;email_address;mac;dialog_subscribe extensions;4001;9786501234;1234;1234;Fred;Feuerstein;1234;ff@abc.com;000BBBCCCDDDD;4002 4003 4004 works. The question has arisen, because there is a need to change a large number of the extensions, that manualy modify will be problematic.
  5. Hello. I have a: Software-Version: 5.2.6 (CentOS64) I try to modify my extension 4001 with feature "Import Modify" csv. I found on a wiki (http://wiki.vodia.com/index.php?title=Extension_Parameters) syntax format of csv file: type;alias;ani;password;web_pass;first_name;display_name;mb_pin;email_address;mac extensions;650;9786501234;1234;1234;Fred;Feuerstein;1234;ff@abc.com;000BBBCCCDDDD I tried to add option "dialog_subscribe" and replace alias 650 at my alias 4001: type;alias;ani;password;web_pass;first_name;display_name;mb_pin;email_address;mac;dialog_subscribe extensions;4001;9786501234;1234;1234;Fred;Feuerstein;1234;ff@abc.com;000BBBCCCDDDD;4002 4003 4004 but in extension's parameters 4001 changed nothing. In a logfile i see no error records. May i missed something?
  6. Hello, i understand that the thread is too out of date, but i have a question. Documentation o says: "Extension Mailbox: Maximum number of messages: This setting allows the user to specify the maximum number of voicemail messages that should be stored at any one time. If the maximum has been reached and a caller wants to leave a new voicemail message, the system will attempt to delete a saved message. If space is still unavailable, the system will inform the caller that the mailbox is full." But my system is only inform me that the mailbox is full, is there any method to configure how the PBX attempt to delete a saved message.
  7. Hello, Thank you. Yes, we want to some groups of users not have the possibility to see their recordings. And is this possible: Remove all menu items, but leave a few of them in UserPortal? Do we have some way to manage content of UserPortal?
  8. I mean, to do so that the user could not seen and delete records conversations in User Portal.
  9. Hello Guys. Is there any way to hide "Recordings" entry in User Portal? Thank you in advance.
  10. if we have this feature in a phone, can we use it on snom 320, and how?
  11. Hello guys. Where i can find this feature: "Transfer Back". i have vodia pbx: Software-Version: 5.2.5 there is mention in http://wiki.snomone.com/, but i can't find it.
  12. No, First Name or Last Name not set up on PBX. Extension: 1004 1004 Add Add * 1 Regs PnP did not configured, but when i change for example option First Name in Extension, my phone rebooted. I don't know why.
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