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  1. Probably, but same time for same carriers ?
  2. Today, we dont have such problem ... without doing nothing.... lol
  3. Hi All and Happy New Year! Since today, the pbx started to experience a very strange problem /only for outgoing calls!/ - each call which is made drops at exact same time for all agents - 1:02 /minutes/. I dont have a clue and I am pissed already. Any help would be appreciated ...A LOT! Thanks in advance! Tim
  4. The problem is solved. What I did ? ... Well, since the server is using dual NIC, I decided to bind the IP address of the main one. Then I did a restart of the system /not the server/ and now everything is back to normal. Any ideas why was that ? I did some changes during the weekend, but if that was the problem, I think that all agents had to be affected because of that ? ...Anyway, it is something which might be helpful for someone in the future. Best, Tim
  5. Right now, one of the agents is connected directly to the provider /skipped the pbx/ and of course everything is fine, except the fact that that agent is not in the loop that, of course is not good / acceptable. The provided log is my case - my desktop phone /Yealink Tiptel IP 284/ which I used so far without problems. When I setup an x-lite client with same settings - everything works... so the problem it is not the settings I believe... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks ! Tim
  6. Wireshark logs: http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/457/8531457J.jpg --- http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/458/8531458x.jpg http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/459/8531459Y.jpg http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/460/8531460Q.jpg --- http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/461/8531461U.jpg
  7. [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Set packet length to 20 [6] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Sending RTP to, codec not set yet [5] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Incoming call in domain varnamed on port 315 extension 131 [5] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: New call created with number 602 [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Set codec preference count 5 [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 316: Set codecs to 9 0 8 2 18 3 preference count 6 [6] 2015/12/22 14:34:30: Port 315: Choose codec PCMA/8000 [5] 2015/12/22 14:34:30: set codec: codec PCMA/8000 is set to call-leg 315 [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Clear last INVITE [6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Choose codec PCMA/8000 in answer [6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Sending RTP to, codec PCMA/8000 [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Determine pass-through mode after receiving response [5] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: set codec: codec PCMA/8000 is set to call-leg 316 [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 315: RTP pass-through mode [7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: RTP pass-through mode [6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 315: Different packet size (20 and 10), falling back to transcoding
  8. Hi all, I am experiencing very unusual problem from yesterday. When /two/ specific agents are calling, no matter internally or not, other side cannot hear the, at all. However, the agents hear the opposite side. It is only with with them /and it is not a microphone thing, as I can hear everything on the records/ It is more like a transport problem, but I cant resolve it. Anyone could help, please ? It is urgent. Thanks!
  9. I think you didnt get the idea correct. This has nothing to do with the daily reports, of which I am aware. My idea is to get an updates /or reports/ on a specific occasion. And to be more exact - I'd like to know when all /specific/ agents are on the line same time. How many times per days does this occur ..and to get more further, I also like to know when that happened, were there any incoming calls? I am more than sure this is not possible, but I just had to try my luck ... On the other hand, this might be an idea you can think of, if you like to extend your services, btw. Thanks again! I am looking forward for your response! Tim.
  10. Hi there! My boss asked me to prepare a statistics, when all agents from a specific team are busy /speaking on the phone/ same time. I don't know how to achieve that automatically. Of course, I am not that crazy to observe active calls and note those moments. Any ideas ? Is there a way to make it as reports or ...email notifications... whatever ... ? Thanks a lot!!! Tim
  11. It is a call which has already been answered. It is occuring whean a specific agent tries to transfer it to another agent. I think it is for a specific agent, as he is one of the new guys in the company. So far I didn't have such case.
  12. Hi, I am curious if there is a way to extend the time which it takes for an agent to transfer a call to another. Now if someone tries to redirect a specific call it takes less then a second and the call drops. Which is unacceptable. Was looking over the settings but was unable to find a solution how to extend it. Any help would be highly appreciated! Tim
  13. Yeah, I've tried it, but it doesn't work again. I just changed the domain again with another one. Now it works perfectly. Thanks!
  14. Google have changed something and it is not only me having such problem https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/2tK2fR7yW-k
  15. Is there any other way for me to receive / see the reports ? I guess that email thing works from time to time only .... which is not acceptable
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