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  1. Hi, Happy New Year! Can you please tell me how can I set up this option. Direction (optional): If you put the flag "i" here the row will apply for inbound calls, otherwise it will apply for outbound calls.I have a trunk ABC and I have a DID on server 1212456xxxx. I want if any one call on this DID and call comes through ABC trunk then how it should be charged on specific rate? Please tell me how can I set up this under trunk rates. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am having a weird issue. I am using vodia 5.2.5 and 5.2.6 on few machines. On all the pbx's as soon as I click on "Domain General Setting" it restart the PBX services. This is happening from today, till yesterday everything was fine. Please advise.
  3. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.2.6, I tried to add prefix in a trunk but it doesn't add it. I added prefix and click on save but it remains empty. I tried to delete and created trunk again but no luck. Please advise.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply back. I read some more documents and now knows how it works. Although I am still confused on "Domain billing parameter", please explain it. Also on same vodia version I tried to add prefix in a trunk but it doesn't add it. I add prefix and click on save but it remains empty. I tried to delete and created trunk again but no luck. Please advise. Many thanks.
  5. Hi, Hope every one is doing fine. I am using Vodia 5.2.6 and I want to setup "Monthly Billing". Can you please let me know how can I setup? I read documents but didn't understand well. Please advise!
  6. I didn't get your point. Please explain!
  7. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.2.5 on Window 7 machine. When I create a rule Block under access, no one is able to access via web interface as well as sip registration instead of those who have enabled the IP's. Is there a way we can only restrict the users for SIP traffic while they should be able to access web interface or port 80/443.
  8. Hi, Can you please check both mentioned links and let me know if these Avaya phones are compatible with Vodia or not? I am using Vodia 5.2.5 version. Many thanks http://www.avaya.com/usa/product/9600-series-ip-deskphones/?view=overview http://www.avaya.com/usa/product/1600-series-ip-deskphones/
  9. Hi, I am using vodia 5.2.5 version. Under trunk custom header "From" I have set up a rule like "<sip:{ext-display}@{domain};user=phone>", now if I call some where my name (which is on extension) displays on other (callee) side but the number (ANI) is appeared as "unknown". Is there a way callee can see my extension name and ANI both on his cell phone when I called? Also please check the attached file. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.2.7 Version. Please check the attached files. Is there a way I can change/remove the red circled text/footer.
  11. Hi, I am using vodia 5.2.6 version. Is there a way I can use one number for voice and fax both. Suppose I have a number 212-234-1234 , which is assigned to extension 102 and a phone is also registered on that extension. I want if any one call on this number I should able to talk to him, also if anyone send a fax on same number I should able to receive that fax on my email. Individually if I don't have registered phone on this extension than I am able to receive faxes, as soon as I register a phone and then If someone send a fax, my phone start ringing. Please advise.
  12. Yes the same I am experiencing, its a 10 seconds digital silence. For a moment if we look on other side, how other party can imagine that is this a fax number? Normally when we have to figure it out we call on that number and if it has fax tone we understand its a fax line whether its a regular or efax number. But in this case there is only 10 seconds silence and after that disconnected. You don't think so there should be way to understand about fax and regular line?
  13. Hi, Hope you are doing fine. I am using Vodia 5.1.3 for efax. Its working absolutely fine. The issue is only system is not generating fax tone for incoming route. Let say I have appointed a DID (2123456785) on vodia pbx for incoming fax(to email). Now if I call on this DID from my cell phone there is silent duration of 10-12 seconds and after that its been disconnected. Is there a way system can generate a fax tone if we call on a TN's?
  14. Hi, thanks for reply. I tried to putt multiple trunks from different carriers as failover and all have same issue. As soon as I putt that trunk on 1st priority then it works fine. What you think where its going wrong. If something is wrong with carrier or trunk then it should also happen when I putt it on priority. Please advise.
  15. Hi, I am using Vodia Version 5.1.3 and 4.5.0. On both I am having issue for ring back while on fail-over trunk. Let say I have two trunks. 1) A 2) B. Trunk A is set up as 1st priority and trunk B has 2nd priority in dial plan. When I call to any number and if its completed by trunk A, I can hear the ring back tone which mean my call is going through. If somehow trunk A is not able to complete the call and and call goes through trunk B (which is failover trunk) then I can't hear the ring back which mean I am not sure if call is going through or not till other party picks up and says Hello. If I set Trunk B on 1st priority in dial plan then ring back tone works fine. It seems something is wrong only when it goes through failover. Please advise. Thanks Mudasar
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